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    The CNBM International Corporation (‘CNBM International Corp’) is an important member enterprise of the Group in the logistics trade sector. Under the leadership of the company, all the employees of the CNBM International Corp work very hard. Since 2004, its foreign trade business has achieved leap-forward development. It has established strategic partnerships with hundreds of manufacturers across the country, and built good business relationships with partners in more than 120 countries and regions. It has established subsidiaries and offices in many countries in the world, and gradually promoted the ‘localization’ operation strategy, an important step in the journey of globalization.

The corporate objectives of the CNBM International Corp is to use innovation and reform as the driving force, focus on ‘large-scale building materials’, ‘globalization’ and ‘lean management’, enhance the control of the supply chain on the whole course from upstream and middle stream to downstream, expand and exploit international and domestic markets, comprehensively improve the procedures and informationization standards of the company, strengthen the organization ability of resources and the ability to provide value-added services to the industry, forge expert-type talent team and study-type organizations, and turn the CNBM International Corp into a leading global enterprise brand in the industry.

Backed up by the Group's advantages in cement manufacturing, composite materials, new-type building materials and engineering equipment, the CNBM International Corp places importance in such large-scale building materials as coal, steel, machinery and equipment in its business development, gives priority to the development of photovoltaic solar energy and wind power products, and enhances and improves the existing advantages of traditional building materials. In 2014, the company's sales revenue reached RMB 12.4 billion.

For many years, the CNBM International Corp has actively advocated and practiced the spirit of cooperation and win-win results, earning the wide acclaim of its partners and customers across the world. The enterprise has also achieved leap-forward development. In its future development course, the CNBM International Corp expects to attain mutual benefits, innovate and reform trade models with its partners both at home and abroad, create value for its employees, shareholders and customers, and give back to society and its stakeholders with excellent performance.

1. Vision: Creating a new global trade model and new value for the stakeholders.

2. Mission: Leading reform in the foreign trade industry, and being an influential comprehensive building materials service provider in the world.

3. Operation mission: People-oriented strategy, informationization strategy, six sigma strategy, globalization strategy, brand strategy and green development strategy.

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