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CNBM Engeering Materials CO.,Ltd

    The CNBM Engineering Materials Company Limited is a professional business platform of the Group that specially provides engineering support services. The company was incorporated in Beijing in June 2010 with registered capital of RMB 143 million. It is specialized in domestic and foreign trade in metal building materials. According to the concept of ‘building bases for upstream resources, a sales channel network and an informationization management method’, the company has arranged a comprehensive sales system, gradually optimized the engineering material distribution network, built a full procedure supply chain and become an integrated service provider for engineering materials.

        CNBM Steel (Shanghai) Company Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Engineering Materials Company. Incorporated in Shanghai in October 2010, the company is specialized in the sales of building materials and other businesses. It has a large sales network, and its targeted sales districts include Shanghai and East China. Relying on the ‘ (’ platform of the company, it has realized the sales of all steel materials on the ‘ (’ platform, becoming a successful example of the operation of the steel industry e-commerce platform. 

1. Vision: The CNBM Engineering Materials Company Limited and its subsidiary CNBM Steel (Shanghai) Company Limited are committed to becoming an influential integrated supplier of engineering materials in China. By building a nationwide sales and logistics network, and building long term and stable partnerships with domestic upstream medium and large steel and building material manufacturing enterprises and downstream engineering construction enterprises, we provide personalized and diversified services, making efforts to forge a first-class engineering material logistics supply chain, and realizing the dream of ‘No distance to steel in the world.’

2. Mission: Using resources efficiently and providing services for construction

3. Core competitiveness: The company provides distribution services to construction enterprises for delivering building materials for domestic and overseas projects, and makes first-hand purchases of resources from steel factories by relying on its brand advantages. It utilizes the internet + model in engineering distribution businesses, and rapidly allocates cargo resources and logistics resources for customers. In this way, it reduces purchasing and logistics costs, and shortens the intermediate link. It has also established value-added services ranging from upstream purchasing and commodity processing to logistics distribution.

It is not only a logistics chain, information chain and capital chain connecting suppliers with end users, but also a value-added chain. Its ability to provide effective and personalized comprehensive services and strong resource integration are its core competitiveness. The core value of the company is becoming a ‘comprehensive service provider’ in the steel trade industry. While generating profits, it also strives to realize a value increase in the supply chain.

4. Industry position: After two years of market development in the distribution business, the Engineering Materials Company has become a long-term service provider for many engineering construction groups and building companies including CSCEC, China Railway Group, CCCC, China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation and Shanghai Construction Group. It provides services across the country, and its main markets include Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Chongqing and Sichuan. The Engineering Materials Company has become a leading distribution supplier of building steel products in its key market of East China.

  In addition, the ‘Shente’ brand steel products of the company hold a dominant position in the second-class steel market, including that of Shanghai. They also enjoy high brand awareness in East China. 

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