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Intelligent Internet of Things


The Intelligent Industry Service Platform is a high technology service platform built by CNBM through continuous reform and innovation against the backdrop of ‘Internet + entrepreneurship and innovation + Made in China 2025’. By providing professional services including production management, spare parts supply and equipment repair, it has become a comprehensive service provider that ‘focuses on industry services and leads intelligent production’.

Through continuous technological innovation and development, the platform has constructed a three-dimensional service network with information-based and intellectualized technologies, improved the operation model of ‘production management + spare parts supply + production maintenance’, and realized the informationization and intelligence of industrial services. Up to now, the platform has developed such smart products as the intelligent patrol system and digital mine, helped to improve the efficiency of production management services, and realized a value increase in production management services with the intelligent production model. The company has enhanced its international competitiveness by building overseas warehouses + maintenance centers, establishing its spot inventory system in the overseas market, creating the modern logistics network and realizing localization services for spare parts and products sales.

Regarding the profit model, the Intelligent Industry Service Platform has enhanced energy management and localization management, and strengthened the construction of the core profit zone. In respect of the management model, the platform advocates the scientific management model.

Technology and innovation is the source and motivation for the rapid development of the Intelligent Industry Service Platform. Since its establishment in 2015, the platform has made significant achievements in intelligent hardware and software for factories. It won the National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation First Prize and became a shortlisted candidate for the National Building Materials Industry Management Innovation Results Award. It also obtained the Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise Qualification by the end of 2015. So far, the platform has provided relevant services to more than ten production lines in China, including employee training, production debugging, production operation management, production maintenance and expert technology consultation; online spare parts sales orders have increased steadily, and it now has customers in more than 50 countries and regions.

1. Vision: Focusing on industry services and leading intelligent production.

2. Strategy: Using technology and innovation as the driving force, focusing on the global market, placing importance in industry services and becoming a leading intelligent factory comprehensive service provider.

3. Core competitiveness: Relying on the brand advantages of the Group, backed up by technological innovation, driven by technologies in subsectors, guaranteed by the comprehensive service network and based on the excellent talent team.

4. Industry position: At present, the foreign trade electric business in the building materials field is relatively backward. Foreign trade electric businesses for selling building material products and equipment are quite rare, and successful ones are even rarer. As a high-tech service platform, the Intelligent Industry Service Platform actively embraces the network, grasps good development opportunities and strives to become a model building materials enterprise among domestic cross-border electric businesses.

5. Qualification: Zhongguancun High-Tech Enterprise

6. Honors:

The Intelligent Industry Service Platform won the National Building Materials Industry Technology Innovation First Prize;

‘Internet + driving industry service intelligence upgrading and facilitating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise’, which is based on the Intelligent Industry Service Platform, won the National Building Materials Enterprise Management Modern Innovation Results First Prize.

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