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    The CNBM Technology Company Limited (‘CNBM Technology’, stock name: CNBM Technology, stock code: 834082) was incorporated in April 2005 with registered capital of RMB 73.5 million. The company is a mixed economic system enterprise. In 2015, its sales revenue reached over RMB 6.2 billion. Its customers are from different fields including government, finance, internet, education, manufacturing, energy and transportation.

Headquartered in Beijing, CNBM Technology has established branch companies and offices in Ethiopia and more than 30 domestic cities, including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Xi'an and Wuhan, boasting a value-added service channel network across the country.

The company has long been committed to providing customers with safe, reliable, high quality and easily expandable industry solutions. It helps its customers realize the best practices in information management in order to satisfy their different needs for informationization construction. It provides its partners with professional, efficient and innovative channel value-added services, helps its partners to enhance their core competitiveness, rapidly exploits the market and actively responds to changes in the market.

For many years, CNBM Technology has won wide acclaim in the field of ICT product channel value-added services. The company was listed in the ‘Chinese IT Top 10 Excellent Distributors’ by the IT Channel Professional Committee of the China Information Industry Trade Association, and the magazine SP/Computer Products and Distribution.

1. Vision: Looking forward, the company will adhere to the core values of ‘Innovation, performance, harmony and responsibility’, work meticulously and build such platforms as ‘Whole business process digitalization’ and ‘Internet services’. It will provide its manufacturers and partners with innovative and professional ‘one-stop’ services, becoming a leading service provider that integrates enterprise ICT resources and provides services to internet + in China.

2. Mission: Focusing on advanced technology and products in the industry, and creating greater value for customers with extraordinary operation concepts and services.

3. Core competitiveness: Channel network and service ability.

4. Industry position:

The company ranked No. 10 in the 2013-2014 China Excellent IT Distributor list;

The company ranked No. 9 in the 2015 China Excellent IT Distributor list.

The company holds a leading position in the industry in the field of ICT product value-added distribution, which belongs to high-end product distribution. It has competitive advantages in profitability, growth potential and comprehensive technology service ability.

The company is the most excellent ICT product value-added distributor in China. With the advent of the age of internet +, the company is going through a significant business transformation. The development target of the company in the future is to become a leading service provider that integrates the enterprise ICT resources of China.

5. Qualifications:

General distributor qualifications for all products of the Huawei enterprise network, SAP products general distributor, golden partner of 微软 (China) Company Limited, general distributor of Office 365 and value-added distributor of Oracle application software.

6. Honors:

Since it became the first general distributor of the Huawei enterprise network in 2009, it has ranked No. 1 in sales revenue and overall rating among general distributors of the Huawei enterprise network for six consecutive years;

It won the ‘2011 China Information Industry High Growth Potential Enterprise’ award;

It won the 2013-2014 Channel Successful Company Special Award: Most Innovative Service Ability Value-added Distributor;

Depending on its integration of HANA of SAP and Huawei’s server products, as well as its joint channel promotion work, it was named ‘Excellent Partner of the Year’ by Huawei and SAP;

It was also included in the ‘2016 China IT Value-added Distributor Top 10’, and named the ‘微软 2016 Best General Cloud Agency’.

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