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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation Holds the Founding Meeting of Shanghai Management Center and Analysis Meeting of Half-year Business

On July 22, CNBM Import & Export hosted the founding meeting of Shanghai management center and analysis meeting of half-year business in Shanghai. Wu Jiwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors in CNBM Import & Export and chief accountant of CNBM Group and Chen Yongxin,


Co-building the Platform, Sharing the Resources, and Co-creating the Value - Invited to Attend the 2nd China Steel and Iron Industry E-commerce High-level Forum and Deliver the Keynote Speech

The 2nd China Iron and Steel Industrial Chain E-commerce High-level Forum, sponsored by China Iron and Steel Association, and the guide of China Medium and Small-Sized Metallurgical Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and China Metallurgical News Agency, was held ceremoniously in Beijing on July 23, 2016.

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