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Wang Xiaodong Vice Governor of Hebei Province Visits CNBM’s Dubai Overseas Warehouse


Recently, Wang Xiaodong (Vice Governor of Hebei Province), Zhang Lihong (President of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hebei Sub-council), and Pei Shixin (Vice President of Department of Commerce of Hebei Province) visited CNBM’s Dubai overseas warehouse accompanied by Zhang Jinsong (Chairman and General Manager of OKOrder and CNBM International), Luo Zhenli ( Vice President of OKOrder), Yu Jing (Marketing Director of OKOrder), and Fu Tingtao ( General Manager of CNBM UAE). 

Fu Tingtao introduced the on-line order process of, the B2B E-commerce platform for building materials. Wang Xiaodong visited the offices, warehouse, and highly appraised the operation management. He was satisfied to see that more and more SMEs from China have successfully gone abroad. He expected that Dubai Overseas Warehouse fully optimize its local resources, help more Chinese enterprises go abroad, and provide full range services for domestic especially Hebei enterprises.

During the seminar, Zhang Jinsong introduced overseas warehouse strategy of CNBM, company profile of CNBM International, and cooperation between CBMIE and Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and enterprises in Hebei. Luo Zhenli introduced development of OKOrder and Dubai overseas warehouse, demonstrated the achievement OKOrder has gained by participating on “5.18 International Economic and Trade Fair” and cooperating with enterprises from Tangshan and Anping under the support of Department of Commerce of Hebei Province.

Wang Xiaodong confirmed the great potential of cooperation between the two parties in the future. Finally, he pointed out four key aspects for future cooperation with CNBM. First, Hebei government will sign cooperative agreement with CNBM and create a new mode of local government “going-out” led by overseas platform of state-owned enterprise. He hoped to visit CNBM headquarter. Second, Department of Commerce of Hebei Province will organize relevant county and city governors visit Dubai overseas warehouse and cooperate with local enterprise in Dubai. Third, he suggested that CNBM should enhance domestic training of OKOder and overseas warehouse, introduce “cross-border E-business + overseas warehouse” to more enterprises in Hebei, and provide help for them to “go out”. Fourth, he will discuss subsidies for overseas warehouse of CNBM, and support construction of overseas base.

Wang Xiaodong and Zhang Jinsong witnessed the signing of “Overseas Warehouse Cooperation Agreement” between Department of Commerce of Hebei Province and CNBM International, “Cooperative Framework Agreement” between Hebei Hao Wang Jiao Logistics Co. Ltd. and CNBM UAE.

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