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The "Sweet Marriage" of Walking in the Clouds and Winning the Future across the Screen Hand in Hand



On September 28, 2016, CNBM Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as CNBM Technology) and AllMobilize Inc. held a cooperative signing ceremony and national kick-off meeting of crossing the screen themed by persistent business and borderless span at the Beijing New Century Rihang Hotel. Wang Qiaochen, general manager of the department of software business in CNBM Technology, Gao Jing, the co-founder and COO of AllMobilize Inc., Yuan Feng, senior president of AllMobilize Inc., Wang Lei, CTO of 微软 Ventures Accelerating Incubator, Du Bin, director of solutions department in CNBM Technology, lots of cooperative partners in the channel and media organizations attended this meeting and witnessed the important beginning of cooperation of both sides.

At the meeting, Mr. Wang Qiaochen was the first to share information, "Through the mode of highly bound closely cooperation, CNBM Technology creates the CNBM Technology "Integrated Cloud Service Platform" integrating hardware, software, solutions, technologies, services and sales. Thus, it can connect the abilities of outstanding partners in the industry and finally give users in the industry the complete and the most practical "Internet Plus" solutions. AllMobilize Inc. is one of the industry's leading suppliers of HTML5 enterprise-scale solutions and the outstanding cooperative partner we have been looking for."

Next, Ms. Gao Jing said, “in this era of interconnection, the need of enterprise mobility grows stronger and stronger. The statistics of Gartner also indicate that mobility has become a key technology focused by enterprises over big data and cloud computing. In the past 20 years, medium- and big-sized enterprises devoted over trillions of funds to build PC-end business system with complex background and lots of service providers. The mobile solutions of AllMobilize Inc. can quickly and safely fit the core business systems of enterprises into all the intelligent terminals without changing the system background and relying on any interfaces provided by original manufacturers, which best meets the safe, stable and logically-sustained progressive mobile needs of big- and medium-sized enterprises. This time, the establishment of cooperative partnership with CNBM Technology aims to use the association between strong enterprises to provide enterprises users all over China with solid and stable mobile products and solutions and jointly help enterprises to promote the mobile process.”

Just before the formal start of signing ceremony, a mysterious figure appeared at the meeting, who is Wang Lei, CTO of 微软 Ventures Accelerating Incubator and the “matchmaker” of cooperation between two sides. Mr. Wang Lei said, “As the most outstanding representative among 141 enterprises incubated by 微软 Accelerator and the fastest-growing gold general cloud agency of 微软 respectively, the association between AllMobilize Inc. and CNBM Technology will definitely become the dominant force of promoting the digital transformation and the development of cloud business in the future.

Perhaps ten years is a very short time for the universe. However, ten years is a long experience for the enterprises. Through many times of tests and gains, CNBM Technology becomes the growing enterprise entity and will welcome “the next 10 years” with partners.

The concept of Partner as a service put forward by CNBM Technology can just help partners “walk on the clouds”, co-build the full network chain ecological environmental system with partners and maximize the value in the new cloud ecological system to realize win-win situation. 

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