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CNBM Technology (834082) Wins the Award of the Most Value for Investment



In the awarding ceremony of the conference, China National Building Materials (CNBM) Technology Co., Ltd. (stock abbreviation: CNBM Technology stock code: 834082) won the "Award of the Most Value for Investment". On November 13, launched by the platform of Understanding NEEQ and jointly hosted by China Securities, NEEQ Investor Conference of China (NICC) was held in Beijing.

The conference has invited nearly 800 people including well-known securities traders, private equity firms, institutional investors, individual investors and mainstream financial media in the field of NEEQ, to redefine NEEQ from the macro-perspective and to seek the ultimate way to success for the investment in NEEQ.

With many years of sustained compound growth rate of business income, high net profit compound growth rate, the industry status of being one of the most outstanding value-added distributors of ICT products in China currently, accumulated channels, technical resources and cross-platform integrated ability CNBM Technology wins the Award of the Most Value for Investment and obtains the wide recognition from people in the field of NEEQ and investment. 

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