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Gathering the Power in Cloud Ecology and Driving the Power for Mutual Beneficial and Win-win Situation – The Appearance of CNBM Technology in “ICT China High Level Forum in 2016”





On the afternoon of September 22, “Creating Cloud Ecology and Co-Building Cloud Safety”, sub forum of “ICT China High Level Forum in 2016” was held in Beijing. With its consistent “international vision, professional depth, brand stance, innovative spirits” and the idea of creating the maximum value for different parts of the industry chain, “ICT China High Level Forum in 2016”, reputed as “Davos in ICT”, is one of the most famous and influential annual grand meetings in the field of information communications and attracts wide attention from different industries.

Chen Lidong, deputy director of Information Communications Development Division of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the forum and put forward the requirements that: enterprises should open for cooperation, jointly create cloud ecological system integrating the whole industry chain, speed up building the safe cloud environment to resist the threats of online safety in an all-rounded way and guard for the safe development of industrial enterprises involving national welfare and the people’s livelihood.

At this forum “Creating Cloud Ecology and Co-Building Cloud Safety” of “ICT China”, the sponsor held a plaque awarding ceremony for the access of CNBM Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as CNBM Technology) to China Cloud OS Pioneer Strategic Alliance (abbreviated as Cloud OS Alliance), marking that CNBM Technology becomes the formal member of Cloud OS Alliance.

Founded in November, 2013, Cloud OS Alliance, a national public welfare platform of integrated overall resources with international impact, aims to promote the autonomous innovation and leaping development of the cloud computing industry in China and introduce the most advanced concepts, technologies and experience of the international cloud system. Therefore, it has very strict assessments of whether the technical abilities and cloud services of alliance members can meet the needs of the current stable and deeply-managed industry. Now the alliance members and units include those local and international leading enterprises in the industry such as 21Vianet Group, 微软, IDG and iSoftStone etc.

In addition, at the forum, CNBM Technology has signed a strategic cooperative agreement with Qingyuan Science and Technology. As an outstanding entrepreneurial firm in the industry, Qingyuan Science and Technology has advanced technologies of cross-cloud services management platform based on Container and pointedly resolves the issues of cross-cloud resource management. CNBM Technology has ranked 1st as the general distributor of the business of Huawei enterprise (in China) for 6 consecutive years and the national sole agent of world-famous manufacturers including 微软, SAP and Oracle, etc. It is committed to becoming the service provider of ICT integrated resources of the company serving “Internet Plus” and leading the industrial development in China. CNBM Technology started the cloud business several years ago, promoted its own “TrustCloud” service brand, researched and developed a series of solutions based on cloud to help partners with the cloud technologies and to realize win-win situation.

In the future, companies of both sides will realize really complementary advantages and explore the market jointly through this cooperation to provide numerous partners and clients with more professional cloud services.

In addition, at this “ICT China High Level Forum in 2016”, 微软 company announced to promote the latest AZURE mirror market. Among all the commodities of solutions in the market, the solution SAP ON AZURE of CNBM Technology was shared with attending senior executives as a key recommendation of the forum. Then, the clients of AZURE can finish the automatic deployment of SAP by subscribing by themselves and clicking on the mouse. This press conference of AZURE mirror market symbolizes that CNBM Technology combines business software with cloud to form mature solutions and promote to the market successfully. Through various following services and support, CNBM Technology will open brand-new business models.

It is known that AZURE mirror market has set up a one-stop gateway for the Azure clients and software developers in China. Cloud applications, cloud services and solutions based on Azure from global and local leading software developers hit the store shelves directly in the gateway so that Azure clients in China can directly search, select and deploy for use, thus meeting the diversified business needs of clients at the cloud. Azure mirror market supports various kinds of commodities including virtual machine mirror, ARM Template and option catalogue and now it has already provided cloud applications including business application, the development of the tools of operation and maintenance and software architecture etc. 

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