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The Leaders of the Group Go to the Scene of Saudi Arabia Project to Check and Guide Work Safety of CNBM Engineering and Smart Industry


From 20 to 23 September, Ma Jianguo, senior special services of CNBM, Wei Feng, assistant of general manager and their colleagues went to Saudi Arabia to check the safety and guide the work respectively of the two projects in CNBM Engineering and CNBM Smart Industry.






On September 20, accompanied by Zhang Liao, general manager of CNBM Engineering, the group leaders went to the scene of ACC ten thousand tons of wires project in Saudi Arabia, conducting thorough safety check for each of the subitem in project construction and hosting specific safety meeting at the campsite. On behalf of the group, Ma Jianguo expressed his warm greetings to the overseas front-line employees and put forward specific work requirements for the project construction. He affirmed the safety management at the scene, put forward the working principle of "Safety is the top priority and a big issue", emphasized the implementation of responsibility of main bodies to conduct the safety management and project construction in an all-rounded way, required to learn from the lesson of "Accident on March 5th" to strictly forbid the "habitual offence against the regulations" and required to enhance the training to improve the safety awareness and prevention skills of all the employees and prevent safety accidents. Finally, Zhang Liao said that everyone should cheer up, overcome difficulties, strengthen confidence, turn the pressure into motivation and speed up the project construction on the premise of safety.

On September 23, accompanied by Zhang Liao, general manager of CNBM Smart Industry, Ma Jianguo and his colleagues went to the scene of UACC cement production project in Saudi Arabia to conduct inspection and guidance. After the inspection work, they held a working meeting with major management personnel of the department of UACC project at the campsite.

At the meeting, on behalf of the group, Ma Jianguo expressed his greetings to the working staff at the scene of the project, listened to the safety reports of project departments, affirmed the different kinds of work and good attitude of staff in the department of UACC project and put forward work requirements for the work of production, management and project: adhering to the people-oriented concept to create a harmonious cultural environment; setting up the spirit of ownership to create the most economic benefit for owners; strengthening the benefit-oriented operational idea and the refined management of the project. Finally, Zhang Liao required that the project department should conscientiously grasp the meeting spirit of group leaders, practise the concept of "refined management, benefits first, people-oriented" and make UACC project, an important juncture along "the Belt and Road", become a benchmarking project in order to make it the international brand of CNBM with international reputation.

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