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CNBM Engineering and CNBM Smart Industry Jointly Host Autumn Sports Meeting






The final competition of the 2016 Fun Sports Meeting, jointly hosted by CNBM International Engineering Co., Ltd. and the trade union of CNBM Smart Industry Technology Co., Ltd., was held successfully on September 28 after over 1 month's planning, organization and implementation. Zhao Yanmin, standing associate general manager and chief accountant of CNBM Import & Export Corporation and Zhao Yanming, associate general manager attended the opening ceremony of the Sports Meeting.

Zhao Yanmin addressed at the opening ceremony and Zhang Liao, general manager of CNBM Engineering led all the people at the scene to do warm-up exercise before the competition.

With the principle of "safe, civilized and proper participation", the spirit of struggling together and forging ahead and the competition fashion of "participation first, friendship first and unity first", the athletes fully show the diligent, dedicated, united and progressive spirit and style of CNBM staff! The whole competition is tense, fierce but full of interest. The audience at the scene acclaimed for the athletes, which was very lively. At the closing ceremony, the attending leaders awarded the 1st, 2nd and 3rd medals respectively to the athletes and fully affirmed and encouraged the effort and dedication of all the working staff.

This Sports Meeting not only enhances cohesive force of the enterprise but also makes the employees relieve the pressure of work and thus promotes the health of both body and mind for them and enhances their friendship and affection. In the future, employees will definitely be involved in their duties and contribute their own strength to prosperity and development of the company with more enthusiasm and stronger bodies!

There are altogether 8 programs and over 200 attending athletes and working staff in this competition.

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