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Five Ministries and Commissions of the State Council Jointly Issue a Document and Is Selected to Be One of the First Group of Pilot Enterprises of National Foreign Trade Comprehensive Services


Recently, five ministries and commissions, specifically, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Customs, State Administration of Taxation, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and State Administration of Foreign Exchange, have jointly issued the Document of Carrying out the Pilot Enterprises of Foreign Trade Comprehensive Services and selected four enterprises including (CNBM International Co., Ltd.) from Beijing, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong to carry out the pilot enterprises. is a cross-border E-business platform based on concepts of modernized service sector and integrated supply chain and aims to provide overseas buyers and manufacturing enterprises in China with one-stop purchasing schemes and comprehensive solutions to export respectively.

In recent years, foreign trade comprehensive services, the new commercial activity of foreign trade, have witnessed the trend of rapid development and its development is attached great importance by the governmental level. Shen Danyang, news spokesperson of Ministry of Commerce, mentioned on the regular news conference on September 20 that with the gradual outcome of national policies and measures of stabilizing and developing foreign trade, the decreasing amplitude in foreign trade import & export becomes consistently smaller and foreign trade continues to maintain the good and stable trend. In the next few months, Ministry of Commerce will continue to implement a series of policies and measures in place with different regions and departments to realistically alleviate burdens on the companies and work hard to achieve the development goal of stable and good foreign trade.

In order to implement the Several Opinions of the State Council on Promoting the Stable Development of Foreign Trade, promote the innovative development of foreign trade, speed up promoting the pilot work of new commercial activities and set up the management mode compatible with the development of foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises, five ministries and commissions jointly select the pilot enterprises this time and four enterprises including have been finally selected as the 1st group of pilot units through the investigation, assessment, overall judgment and examination of relevant departments. Five ministries and commissions pointed out that the development of pilot enterprises of comprehensive services can help the enterprises to reduce the costs and explore the market, promote the innovation in supervision model, improve the level of trade facilitation, promote the stable development of foreign trade and adjust the structures. Meanwhile, five ministries and commissions also emphasized that the pilot work should implement the policy deployment of the State Council, make the pilot work in aspects of making sure the identities of comprehensive service enterprises, confirming their responsibilities and innovating the supervision methods with the principles of “stable progression, parity of rights and obligations, controllable risks”, gradually form the management mode compatible with the development of comprehensive service enterprises through institutional innovation, management innovation, service innovation and synergetic development and provide replicable and sustainable experience for the promotion of healthy development of comprehensive service enterprises. one of the 1st group of four pilot enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services

In order to stabilize and develop the foreign trade, the national level has made efforts in many ways such as catching the responsibilities of main bodies, creating the atmosphere of reforming and exploring boldly; focusing on the central task, working hard to break the institutional barriers of restricting the open development, making the reform take root, and enhancing objective assessment, supervision and coordination, etc. Among them, the selection of the 1st group of pilot enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services is a completely new pilot attempt.

While the global economy is making the transition from product economy to service economy, under the big premise of “service-oriented manufacturing” to become the trend of development in global manufacturing, Ministry of Commerce begins the strict work of judgment and examination to pilot enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services in order to promote the innovative development of foreign trade, speed up promoting the pilot work of new commercial activities and establish the management mode compatible with the development of foreign trade comprehensive service industry.

Finally,, based on the central enterprise, CNBM Group, realizes the market-oriented operation in the wave of reform of state-owned enterprises. It not only sets up the E-business platform but also takes the lead to provide the service of overseas warehouse in the industry and sets up overseas warehouses all over the world to provide local and overseas enterprises with overseas storage and logistic services. With its own strength and the system of foreign trade comprehensive services, it becomes one of the 1st group of national pilot enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services.

“Gathering men for a roll call” of Ministry of Commerce and what makes stand out from the crowd?

Being faced with the phenomenon of “Smiling Curve” in the global manufacturing, that is, the transferring of high premium in manufacturing to the two ends of industry chain, the market value of R&D, design and innovation at the front end and manufacturing services at the rear end increases and procedural manufacturing appreciation ability in the middle has already touched the ceiling. Being faced with that, the will at the national level hopes to focus on the creation of platform of foreign trade comprehensive services, speed up the strategy of “going out” for main bodies in the national manufacturing and further improve the competitiveness and market share of national manufacturing in the global market.

Due to the emphasis of state will and the “outpost” mission of foreign export for Chinese enterprises, the screening of pilot enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services is particularly strict and the overall strength of the company, operational mode, market volume and service quality are all assessed and affirmed thoroughly. However, what makes the cup of tea of Ministry of Commerce?

It is known that is created with all strength by CNBM Group, the central enterprise under State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and operated by CNBM International Co., Ltd., an important member enterprise of the logistic and trade unit of CNBM. As the largest overall building material industry group in China and the latest pilot unit of mixed ownership transform for state-owned enterprises certified by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, CNBM Group has been ranking first in the top 500 companies in the industry of building materials for many years and ranked the 267th of Fortune Global 500 in 2014.

Through many years of accumulation and development, currently has set up the leading cross-border E-business platform in China and enjoys favorable competitive advantages. First of all, integrating the resources of foreign trade supply chain makes the E-commercialization of traditional foreign trade and thus makes the whole process of foreign trade easier, more transparent and efficient. Secondly, by relying on the brand effect of CNBM, has wide impact in building materials and relevant industries of building materials. Thirdly, mature overseas marketing networks have been set up in main foreign countries to expand the exporting channels to the international market. Besides, the “localized” operation of overseas warehouses in the world realizes the scale purchase and intensive logistics, thus reducing the international logistic cost. The fourth advantage is to emphasize the level-to-level management of clients, emphasize the company values while providing foreign trade comprehensive services, set “whole process, controlled, credible, value-added” as the core idea, and emphasize the proper and orderly services combined with quality and risk control to win the trust of both local and overseas clients. Last but not least, with rich experience in foreign trade export, has trained a group of professional talents in the field of international trade, E-commerce, supply chain management, financial accounting, logistic storage, legal risk controlling and information construction.

In this refined, centralized and efficient layout of integrated services in the world, has already had the autonomous R&D, operation and maintenance abilities of the cross-border E-business platforms of comprehensive foreign trade and received the “olive branch” jointly offered by five ministries and commissions.

The platform of foreign trade comprehensive services helps those medium and small-sized companies to “go out”.

What is the platform of foreign trade comprehensive services? On the basis of the integration of services in different kinds of links, the so-called platform of foreign trade comprehensive services means the one-stop platform of foreign trade export services uniformly delivered to medium and small-sized foreign trade enterprises and its main services include the necessary links of foreign trade, specifically, financial investment, Customs clearance, drawback, logistics and insurance appointed by the 6 measures of the State Council.

As a professional platform of foreign trade comprehensive services, integrates the core service providers on the supply chain to set up a complete ecological system of foreign trade. In this system, as the main body of the platform, deploys each of the service provider to realize efficient, inexpensive and coordinated work in order to provide manufacturing enterprises in China with one-stop foreign trade services or customized foreign trade integrated services based on the needs of manufacturing enterprises and protect the export for them. shares the resources on the supply chain with enterprises, creates new values for the enterprises and actively leads the medium and small-sized enterprises to go out.

With the help of the platform of foreign trade comprehensive services, on the one hand, medium and small-sized enterprises can enjoy the services of big enterprises in terms of Customs clearance and drawback. On the other hand, they can enjoy the similar policy bonus with big enterprises. Lets take a vivid metaphor. The policies of making convenient trade and medium and small-sized enterprises are like high-voltage power supply and low-voltage power supply respectively. And with the convertor, platform of foreign trade comprehensive services, the policies will not simply lean towards big enterprises.

The integrated platform of changes the traditional operational mode of foreign trade. The intensive and decentralized resources of foreign trade transactional services can have an immediate effect on reducing the operational stress of foreign trade for enterprises, lowering the cost of foreign trade transaction and solving difficulties including trade financial investment. And medium and small-sized enterprises can put more energy into the improvement of R&D abilities and their own development.

“Cross-border E-business+overseas warehouse” can skillfully reduce the pains of storage and logistics in foreign trade.

With the advent of an era of information, the competition between the enterprises and products in the traditional foreign trade industry mode is gradually turning into the competition between the platforms and supply chains. For cross-border E-business sellers, if they want to get more profits, then logistic and storage is a barrier that they must overcome. The business model “cross-border E-business+overseas warehouse” of just emerges with this market request to break the traditional models and bring innovation and development.

The strategic layout of overseas warehouses for aims to cover the global key markets. Until now, has already invested and operated 24 overseas warehouses in the world with countries along “the Belt and Road” as keys. Good performance in regional markets including Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and East Europe can be attributed to the “cross-border E-business+overseas warehouse” mode of Overseas buyers can purchase online with across the border and the timely transportation and distribution of the goods comes true. On the one hand, scale purchasing and intensive logistics can reduce the cost of purchasing and transportation. One the other hand, overseas enterprise-level buyers can save their cycle of purchasing, reduce the cost of tied-up funds and improve the efficiency and convenience of purchasing. Data shows that the satisfaction and loyalty of clients develop significantly and thus the value of integrating the supply chain for can be realized.

Promoting the development of enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services and promoting the stable development of foreign trade in China

According to the statistics of Customs, during the first quarter of this year, there was a dramatic fluctuation in the monthly growth rate of export in China. With the monthly growth rate of export in the first quarter being 6.6%, 20.6 and 18.7 respectively, the growth rate of export in China in March obviously increased compared with the same period of last year. In response, Liu Yingkui, the researcher of CCPIT Academy said that now the foreign trade in China is at a critical point of adjusting and transforming. The capacity of part of the traditional industries is moving outwards and new growth point of foreign trade is being fostered quickly.

Strong foreign trade leads to strong industries; strong industries lead to strong economy. As an important part and driving force of national economy, foreign trade is closely related to the survival and development of several hundred thousand companies and can create directly or indirectly billions of job positions. Therefore, the promotion of stable and strong foreign trade is of great significance to the maintenance of stable economic operation and economic upgrading.

In this critical point of the shift and following between the old and new economic impetus in China and at an important juncture of supply-side structural reform of national industries, main leading enterprises including need to stand out, hew out a terrain of one-stop inexpensive and valuable services of foreign trade export for Chinese enterprises and provide front-end support to the “carriage of export”. Besides, the foreign trade comprehensive service enterprises led by should provide import & export enterprises of larger scales with integrated, efficient, inexpensive one-package foreign trade services, help thousands of medium and small-sized foreign trade enterprises to export, lever the export market worth trillions of yuan and thus form the new competitive advantage of foreign trade.

According to the statistics of Customs, in the first half of this year, the total import & export value of trade in goods in China was 11.13 trillion yuan, a decrease of 3.3% compared with the same period of last year (the same below). Among it, the export value was 6.4 trillion yuan, a decrease of 2.1% and import value was 4.73 trillion yuan, a decrease of 4.7%. It shows that foreign trade export in China faces long-term difficulties with increasing instabilities and the situation of foreign trade is still complex and severe. However, we have the reason to believe that the foreign trade export in China will finally welcome a more rosy future with the implementation and promotion of policies about the pilot enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services. 

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