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CNBM General Machinery Co., Ltd. Signs the Cooperative Agreement of Construction Intention of Government Public Houses in Israel


On January 19, CNBM General Machinery Co., Ltd. led BNBM House Co., Ltd. and Israel Sustainable Building (ISB) Co., Ltd. to jointly sign the intention cooperative agreement of “Demonstration Project of Children’s Hospital in Israel” and “The 1st Stage of Government Public House Plan Engineering in Israel (16,500 units). Property owner representatives, BNBM House and relevant people of General Machinery Co., Ltd. attended the signing ceremony held in the 1st meeting room of CNBM Import & Export Corporation. And Wang Lihe, associate general manager of CNBM Import & Export Corporation arrived at the ceremony to witness the signing of relevant agreements.

The successful cooperative intention will help CNBM Import & Export Corporation to realize the first cooperative project in Israel, facilitate the company’s exploration process of market in Israel and accelerate the company’s global operation further. 

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