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CNBM General Holds the Working Conference in 2016




On January 22, CNBM General Machinery Co., Ltd. held the working conference in 2016. Ma Jianguo, associate general manager of CNBM Group and Chen Yongxin, general manager of CNBM Import & Export and chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM General attended this conference, which was hosted by Gao Jianhua, general manager of CNBM General.

Xu Zheng, associate general manager of the company made a working report titled “Stimulating passion and dream, stabilizing core abilities and realizing quality and efficiency improvement”. He reviewed the highlights of the work in the previous 1 year, summarized the current existing obvious issues and made sure the focus of work in the next 1 year in terms of business development, internal management, talent training and the party and the masses construction. The heads of different departments of business and function in the company also made reports on working conditions in 2015 and working plans in 2016.

At the conference, Chen Yongxin reported the current business and development plan of the head office, fully affirmed the achievements of General Machinery Company and evaluated the operational team of the company as a team with “the enterprising spirit, responsible attitude, and innovative awareness”. Manager Chen reemphasized the milestone of “0.1 billion of profits and 10 billion of scales” for CNBM and set the direction of work in the next stage for the company in terms of innovative profit-making model, profit platform establishment, strict operation risk controlling and more focus on “Going Out”. He required people to adhere to the principle of “performance first, profit-oriented” in work and aspire to realize the long-term sustainable development of the company.

Ma Jianguo delivered an important speech. First of all, he analyzed the current overall economic situation and explained the current operation and operational strategy of the company. He hoped people can have a clear understanding of the situation in 2016 and keep confidence and patience in the development of the company in the future.

Manager Ma put forward 4 hopes for the work in the future. The first is to conscientiously learn the spirit of the annual working conferences of the group and implement the 5 principles of operation and management (i.e.: overall principle of “improving quality and efficiency and making transformation and upgrading”, working principle of “being early, careful, accurate, and realistic”, managing principle of “four grasps, four controls, four increases and four reductions”, operational principle of “raising prices, reducing costs, receiving payment, increasing inventory and adjusting” and the market principle of “efficiency foremost, benefit foremost”). The second is to make feasible root and implementation schemes combined with the strategic blueprint of “Annual Operational Plan”, “Rolling Development Plan within 3 Years” of the company and “Development Plan in the 13th Five-Year Plan Period” with the objective of “0.1 billion of profits” as the center and try to do the work of operation well in 2016 and in the 13th Five-Year Plan period with benefit as the center. The third is to grasp the details, seek for innovation and create core competitiveness in order to make stronger profit-making ability, better risk controlling and more optimized business model. The last is that all the staff should enhance their learning and improve their qualities in order to adapt to the need of company development in the future. Through learning, they will become the masters of management, killers of the costs, experts of the market and finally the real experts in the industry to promote the continuous improvement in the overall operation and management level of the company.

In the end, manager Ma wished everyone to study well and work well in the new year and CNBM to have new achievements and step on a new level! 

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