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Breaking the Homogeneity of Steel & Iron E-business by Innovation, Has Completely New Change and Upgrading



2016 is the beginning year of fully implementing the 13th Five-Year Plan. In order to accelerate the implementation of strategic objective of “Internet Plus” in the company, recently, has made completely new change, optimization and upgrading with “the creation of a quality, full and valuable service chain” and “the construction of ecological circle of full steel & iron industry chain with service systems” as the highlights.

Since the trial operations in January, 2015, the trading volume of in steel & iron, iron ore, coking coal, collecting and mining has reached 20,000,000 tons and the success volume of business has reached 10 billion yuan. This time, has made completely new upgrading and optimization in various aspects including overall UI, content display, program setting, functional use and financial services, realized the function of big-data self-service search to meet the personalized needs of clients and brought users brand-new one-stop platform of steel & iron full industry chain comprehensive services with richer contents, more colorful pages, complete services and convenient experience by the further development and use of big data.

The completely new has introduced new flagship store, added the indicative price and tendency chart of the price of products, realized the function to recommend the user resources to the home page and made means of transaction more convenient for the three major channels of product transaction, specifically, steel & iron, iron ore and coking coal. The cloud platform of – has made changes and added the platform of information services, building a bridge of effective information exchange between merchants and warehouses.

As a platform of providing medium and small-sized enterprises on the industry chain with financial services including payment and settlement, support in financial investment, wealth management and comprehensive counseling, Leading Financial Investment of provides medium and small-sized enterprises in the industry with full-dimensional internet financial services and provides clients with effective financial solutions through safe system of payment, diversified channels of financial investment, professional risk controlling and management and rich investment projects.

With the principle of “meeting the needs of clients continuously and realizing increase in values”, has continuously been making technical innovations, creating complete service system, providing genuine experience for users, creating values for users and setting the course of “breaking the homogeneity of steel & iron E-business and creating the ecological circle of full industry chain for steel & iron”. 

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