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Wu Jiwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors Goes to CNBM General to Conduct Investigation and Guidance



On March 8, 2016, Wu Jiwei, chief accountant of CNBM and chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM Import & Export and his colleagues went to CNBM General Machinery CO., Ltd. to conduct the investigation and guidance work, understand the operation and development of the company and hold the meeting of staff exchange to express appreciation to all the cadres and employees in the company.

After listening to the reports on basic situation, operational performance, business model, development ideas and future plans of the company made by the operational team of CNBM General, Chairman Wu Jiwei delivered an important speech.

First of all, he affirmed the excellent performance of General Machinery Company since establishment, made an in-depth analysis of the combination of the enterprise with the strategies of the group and the company headquarters to realize new development in new economic trend and current international and national macro-economic situations and emphasized the importance of updating ideas and thoughts continuously to promote the transformation of business model and profit model in the company.

He required that General Machinery Co., Ltd. should focus more on three aspects of work, specifically, transformation, management and planning, systematically sort out the different resources of the company and continuously strengthen its own core competitiveness in order to have a good beginning in the 13th Five-Year Plan period.

Lastly, Wu Jiwei pointed out the company cannot develop without the joint efforts of all the employees and hoped that all the cadres and employees can increase the sense of responsibility and mission as an owner, contribute their ideas and opinions to the development of the company, work hard to realize their own life values and make contributions for the milestone of making General Machinery Company as an important profit-making platform of Import & Export Corporation with “0.1 billion of profits and 10 billion of scales” in the near future!

Wang Lihe, associate general manager of CNBM Import & Export and all the employees of CNBM General attended the meeting.

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