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The First Session of the First Congress of Workers and Staff Members of Shanghai Jianpu Company


On April 8, 2016, Shanghai Jianpu Import & Export Co., Ltd. held the first session of the first congress of workers and staff members. Nearly 20 people including Zhu Qinying, deputy secretary of the Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission of CNBM Import & Export Corporation, Chen Danfeng, Chen Danfeng, deputy director of Division of Party and Masses’ Affairs of CNBM Import & Export, Zhu Yingqun, general manager of Shanghai Jianpu Import & Export Co., Ltd., and staff representatives of different departments in Jianpu Company attended this meeting.

At the meeting, manager Zhu Yingqun made a report of the operation of Shanghai Jianpu Company, summarized the recent development of the company and pointed out the development objectives of the company in the future. In addition, she encouraged the trade union to listen to the needs of staff at the primary level for the benefit of staff and work as a bridge between staff and the company.

First committee of the trade union, fund inspection committees and committees for female workers of Shanghai Jianpu Company have been elected at the meeting through the vote of staff representatives. Comrades Dong Siwei, Liu Yan and Xu Haihua were elected as committees of the trade union; Comrade Hua Jiaxin as fund inspection committee; and Comrade Wei Hui as committee for female workers. Approved by the meeting unanimously, Comrade Dong Siwei works as the first chairman of the trade union in Jianpu. In her speech, she expressed her determination of implementing the work guiding requirements of high-level trade union, strengthening the stances of the public and listening to their voices for the benefit of employees. She also ensured that in the future, she would organize staff to launch more activities of different kinds, strengthen their cohesion and strengthen the trust between employees and the company.

During his talk, Zhu Qinying introduced the status and obligations of the trade union in the company and elaborated on the rights and interests of staff ownership in the company. Meanwhile, he pointed out that the task and objective of the trade union are to promote the development of the company, care for the staff, guide the staff to love the enterprise, build a harmonious labor relationship and promote the healthy development of the company. He required that the trade union in Jianpu should fully recognize the important role of the trade union and the significance of the work of trade union and make reasonable arrangements and supervision of the cost of the trade union. And he hoped that different levels of the organizations in the company should have high-level thoughts and understanding to care for the staff and really maintain their vital interests Meanwhile, secretary Zhu expressed her expectations of the development of the trade union of Jianpu in the future, hoping that the trade union of Jianpu can activate the motivation of staff, regulate the internal democratic supervision of the company, maintain the legal interests of staff, advocate the corporate culture of CNBM and promote the healthy development of the company.

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