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The First Session of the Second Congress of Workers and Staff Members of the Wood Industry Company


On April 8, 2016, CNBM Wood Industry Trade Co., Ltd. held the First Session of the Second Congress of Workers and Staff Members. Zhu Qinying, deputy secretary of Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission in China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, Chen Danfeng, deputy director of Division of Party and Masses’ Affairs of CNBM Import & Export, Zhu Yingqun, general manager of Shanghai Jianpu Import & Export Co., Ltd., and Zhu Dan, standing associate general manager of CNBM Wood Industry Trade Co., Ltd. attended this meeting.

At the meeting, Zhu Dan made a report on the recent business of the wood industry company, further clarified the strategic positioning of the wood industry company and encouraged all the staff to continue to coagulate hearts and forces and make a bigger contribution for the future development of wood industry company.

Zhu Yingqun, chairman of the first trade union of wood industry company, made a review and summary of the previous trade unions, and suggested that the new trade union should continue to do a good job of organizing cultural and sports events and strengthening ties with the masses etc. according to the results of questionnaires.

Chairman of the second trade union, fund inspection committees and committees for female workers of wood industry company have been elected at the meeting through the vote of staff representatives. Comrade Ma Yuqin was elected as chairman of the trade union; Comrade Cheng Qun as fund inspection committee; and Comrade Shi Xiaojun as committee for female workers.

During the meeting, Zhu Qinying made an important speech, introduced the status and obligations of the trade union in the enterprise, and elaborated that the union should represent workers' interests, maintain the rights and interests of employees, and guide the employees to have confidence, take the overall situation into account and work hard to create a harmonious enterprise. At the same time, he pointed out that the task and goal of union is to find out the work positioning consciously in the process of promoting the development of the company and create the value in the process of serving the development of the company. He asked trade unions of the wood industry to fully understand the important role and the significance of the work of trade unions, to learn more about the needs of employees and to make reasonable arrangements and supervision of the cost of trade unions in order to make trade unions better with better jobs and greater role.

Staff representatives of each department of the wood industry company, a total of 23 people, attended the meeting.

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