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General Manager Chen Yongxin Inspects the Overseas Scene of CNBM Engineering and Smart Industry




On May 30, 2016, Chen Yongxin, general manager of CNBM Import & Export and chairman of the Board of Directors in CNBM Engineering and CNBM Smart Industry, visited Saudi Arabia despite 50 Celsius degrees of high temperature to inspect and visit the branch company in Saudi Arabia and overseas staff, listen to the voice of overseas front-line staff and discuss jointly with them about the development plan of the company in the future. Within the short 72 hours, manager Chen Yongxin transferred among 3 scenes and 4 cities and met with 5 important clients successively, giving the guidance of the development of the company in regional markets.

With the warm welcome of the branch company in Saudi Arabia and overseas scene, manager Chen Yongxin came to the staff canteen, dormitory, and lounge activity room to visit the staff. He highly praised all the cadres and employees for their plain spirit of making painstaking efforts without any regrets in this arduous working condition and fully affirmed their work achievements.

At the front-line scene of CNBM Engineering and Smart Industry, manager Chen Yongxin organized people to deeply discuss project condition and challenges for difficulties, requiring the effort in safe management, refined management, proper operation and staff care in order to improve the level of operation and management and make the benchmarking project.

When meeting with Prince Fahd and other important clients, manager Chen Yongxin mentioned that CNBM, as one of the world's most famous building material groups, is a reliable and trustworthy long-term cooperative partner. He hoped to expand the cooperation between CNBM and the Saudi Arabia industry and realize the mutual benefit and win-win situation of both sides. Prince Fahd mentioned that he appreciates the outstanding achievements of CNBM in Saudi Arabia. And the clients all mentioned that they fully trust the market ability and reputation of CNBM and expect further overall cooperation.

Zhang Liao, assistant of general manager of CNBM Import & Export and general manager of CNBM Engineering and Smart Industry, accompanied in this visit.

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