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Wu Jiwei Gives Party Lectures about "Studies on the Theoretical and Practical Issues of Party Building" to the Point of Contact at the Primary Level, CPC Party Branch of the Supply Chain



On July 7, Wu Jiwei, chief accountant of CNBM and the chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM Import & Export came to the point of contact of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" - the 1st CPC party branch of Shanghai general party branch in CNBM Import  & Export to teach specific party lessons. The topic of the party lessons is Learning and Following Party Constitution, Strengthening "Four Awarenesses" and Becoming Qualified Party Members. Zhu Qinying, deputy secretary of Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission in China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation and the leader of the 1st supervision group of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building", Zhang Lina, assistant of general manager of Import & Export Corporation, Chen Danfeng, deputy director of Division of Party and Masses' Affairs of Import & Export Corporation and the leader of the 2nd supervision group of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building", leaders of different subsidiaries of units in Shanghai, cadres above middle levels and some of the party member representatives, a total of over 40 people, took the specific party lessons,

which were hosted by Wu Xiang, secretary of general Party branch in Shanghai of CNBM Import & Export.1480498756670.jpg

At the specific party lessons, comrade Wu Jiwei pointed out that learning is the basis and action is the key to the implementation of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" and the focus and the footing is to become qualified party members. Party constitution is the general regulation of the CPC. As the basic code of conduct jointly followed by all the party members, it collectively reflects the nature, objectives, theories, course, policies, important proposition, important system and mechanism of the CPC. Party constitution is the basic law of the CPC and a general regulation followed by the all the party members. It is the regular duty and basic requirement for a qualified party member to conscientiously study the Party constitution and strictly follow its importance.

He emphasized that strengthening "four awarenesses" is the key to a qualified party member. Firstly, a party member should strengthen the political awareness and be firm about the correct political directions, ideals and beliefs unswervingly. Secondly, a party member should strengthen awareness of general situation, follow and serve the general situation of both CPC and the nation unswervingly and consciously. Thirdly, a party member should strengthen the core awareness and rally unswervingly and closely around the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as general secretary. Fourthly, a party member should strengthen the consistent consciousness and keep the mind and actions highly consistent with the Party Central Committee unswervingly.

He required that party members should fulfill the duties and responsibilities, strengthen the spirit of working in earnest and put the "four awarenesses" in the different kinds of work of reforming, developing and stabilizing the company based on the position. Party members should resolve the difficulties, have the courage to shoulder the responsibility and put the "four awarenesses" in the tough battle of deepening the reform and improving the quality and efficiency. Also, party members should have the strict self-discipline, work in earnest and take the leads to enhancing and implementing "four awarenesses" in order to be qualified cadres of party members.

When talking about how to actively adapt to the changes in the internal and external environment, play the pioneering exemplary role and promote the development of the company for the party members, comrade Wu Jiwei required party member cadres should improve the ability to learn and apply, make decisions and implement, manage and control the risks, think systematically, make innovations and develop, put more time in study and more focus in work, improve their own abilities and qualities earnestly, focus on their jobs, "become the role models in 'studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building' and make contributions to improving quality and efficiency" to become more skilled at operation and management and make great contributions to the process of making the company as a world-class modern service enterprise.

Before the lessons, comrade Wu Jiwei also listened to the report on the situation of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" launched by Shanghai general party branch and the feelings of study of Su Xin, a party member representative.

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