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Co-building the Platform, Sharing the Resources, and Co-creating the Value - Invited to Attend the 2nd China Steel and Iron Industry E-commerce High-level Forum and Deliver the Keynote Speech




The 2nd China Iron and Steel Industrial Chain E-commerce High-level Forum, sponsored by China Iron and Steel Association, and the guide of China Medium and Small-Sized Metallurgical Enterprise Chamber of Commerce and China Metallurgical News Agency, was held ceremoniously in Beijing on July 23, 2016. Expert leaders, industry associations and e-commerce representatives attended and addressed the forum. Chen Jing, technical director of CNBM made a fantastic speech titled Helps to Boost the Business of Steel Companies.

After analyzing the current situation in the industry, Dr. Chen Jing put forward the whole-process services of about the full steel & iron industrial chain: providing industry enterprises with one-stop solution of comprehensive services integrating transaction (steel & iron, iron ore, coal), purchasing & bidding (wise collection), storage and logistics (Port Cloud Warehouse, delivery, arrival) and supply chain services (credit agency, leading financial investment) with big data analysis platform as the "central junction".

", responsible and sentimental, is a platform aiming to create a steel & iron industrial chain ecological circle with diverse models and shared services for users. It never makes false data and all transactions are made online. There is not even a single offline transaction to become online, said Dr. Chen Jing, "All products in are interconnected from technical innovation, product innovation to mode innovation. We will not damage the interests of enterprises or fight the interests with trade businessmen. We aim to build a fair and just platform to serve our customers. We hope to build the platform, share the resources and create the value with all of our stakeholders.

Fully showing its own strength and feature at the forum, lays a solid foundation for the next stage's in-depth promotion.

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