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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation Holds the Founding Meeting of Shanghai Management Center and Analysis Meeting of Half-year Business





On July 22, CNBM Import & Export hosted the founding meeting of Shanghai management center and analysis meeting of half-year business in Shanghai. Wu Jiwei, Chairman of the Board of Directors in CNBM Import & Export and chief accountant of CNBM Group and Chen Yongxin, secretary of Party committee and general manager in CNBM Import & Export attended the meeting and delivered their own important speeches.

Manager Chen Yongxin firstly emphasized the significance of setting up a management center in Shanghai and further clarified its responsibility. After that, Chen Yongxin analyzed the achievements of the company in terms of stable business performance, business structural reorganization and innovative transformation. Besides, he pointed out the further direction of development for the company in cost controlling and resource using and deployed the work in the second half of the year.

The first is to focus on major business to boost profit. Each of the unit should make sure its major business to deepen and enhance it. The second is to make refined management, control the risk and deeply implement the work of lifting "Three Funds Three Costs" and "Four Reductions". The third is to change mind to realize quality growth. The fourth is to accelerate the process of internationalization. The fifth is to do the CPC construction work well, safety production and assist the work of auditing and inspection tour.

Chairman Wu Jiwei affirmed the achievements of company in the first half of the year in four aspects, specifically, business performance, effective promotion of major specific tasks, results in the innovative reform and risk management and control, and made detailed analysis and explanation of current domestic economic situation. He required that all the cadres and staff should carefully develop new products and new business work in the current situation and carefully prevent customer risk, capital risk, transactional risk, industry risk, especially operational risk and put forward work requirements in the next stage's reform and restructuring work for the company.

During the meeting, Zhao Yanmin, standing associate general manager and chief accountant of the company made a comprehensive analysis of the company's overall operation; Different business sectors and units summarized the work in the first half of the year, analyzed the issues and deficiency and made sure the work objective in the second half of the year.

Company leaders, assistants of general manager, heads of the department offices, leading groups of different subsidiaries and financial directors attended the meeting.

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