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Cheng Hong, Deputy Mayor Investigates of CNBM







After the of CNBM International (abbreviated as won the award of “Pilot Enterprise of National Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service”, on October 25, Cheng Hong, deputy mayor of Beijing visited CNBM to investigate the situation of innovation and transformation of Song Zhiping, chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM warmly received Cheng Hong and her colleagues.

Song Zhiping expressed his sincere gratitude for the support and help of the transformation and development of CNBM provided by municipal party committee and municipal government in Beijing and introduced the situation of reorganization of CNBM and Sinoma and the business scale, strategic positioning and development ideas of the new group. He pointed out that CNBM would continue to enhance the international cooperation and innovation-driven, develop significantly logistic trade and E-business and make greater contributions to the economic and social development of Beijing and the construction of a livable city. Song Zhiping mentioned that CNBM Group insists on the innovation-driven strategy, actively uses “Internet Plus” to make innovation of the business model, successfully explores the mode of “cross-border E-business+overseas warehouses” and sets up, the platform of professional foreign trade comprehensive services. In recent years, has a strong development momentum and good performance. In the future, CNBM Group will firmly support to ensure its sustained and stable development and guarantee it to become a role model in the industry. Song Zhiping required that needs to enhance management and overall risk management, regulate the business procedure and continuously improve and upgrade the level in the process of rapid development.

Cheng Hong spoke highly of a series of great achievements made by CNBM Group in reform with keen determination, continuous innovation and upgrading, expressed her sincere gratitude for the contribution made by the Group to the economic and social development in Beijing, and felt proud and energetic of as a national pilot of foreign trade comprehensive services on behalf of Beijing. She pointed out that headquarters economy is a typical characteristic of capital economy and the central enterprise is the important power to support the economic development of Beijing. In the future, Beijing will further improve the work of service assurance and create a favorable business environment for the sustained and healthy development of central enterprises. Centering on the enterprises of foreign trade comprehensive services, Cheng Hong put forward four proposals. The first is to establish a liaison mechanism between the enterprises and governments to raise questions and solve them timely. The second is to make the preferential policy, make customized policies and privileges for enterprises with “both autonomous brands and autonomous IPR” and encourage enterprises to explore the international market better. The third is to integrate works and complement advantages. The last is to coordinate supporting services, which calls for the joint efforts of municipal and district governments to coordinate and resolve the relevant works including credit, financial investment, credit insurance, drawback, interest subsidy, talent and green channel. She hoped that CNBM Group can seize the opportunity of the pilot of foreign trade comprehensive services and play the demonstration role of “National Team” and make greater contributions to the development of foreign trade services in Beijing and the country as a whole.

In the investigation, Luo Zhenli, vice president of elaborated on the development of the platform of foreign trade comprehensive services and put forward policies and suggestions in relation to the reality. creatively puts forward the new concept of cross-border E-business – modern mode of foreign trade comprehensive services based on the integration of supply chain in order to provide merchants with a series of comprehensive solutions to export covering the whole procedure of international trade and realize the one-stop online foreign trade comprehensive services through the whole procedure. Meanwhile, provides overseas buyers with one-stop online purchasing schemes and customized services. The core values of are reliability, credibility and added-value through the whole process. is an important attempt to explore and practise “internet+traditional foreign trade”. The business model of “cross-border E-business+overseas warehouses” combines online platform of foreign trade comprehensive services with offline services of overseas warehouses management to really resolve relevant issues of foreign trade, export and after-sale services. provides six online whole-process services: foreign trade export agency service, global marketing promotion service, supply chain financial service, foreign trade training service, logistic service and credit insurance service and explains the superior resources and rich experience provided by in detail. adheres to the promotion of management localization and its 25 overseas warehouses in foreign countries including UAE and Russia all operate well. Among them, the focal points of introduction are the lucrative plate products with black films in UAE and “fist products” made of composite materials in Russia. The focus on the construction of overseas warehouses for is in line with not only the trend of “Supply-side Structural Reform” but also “the Belt and Road” Initiative. The layout of overseas warehouse for not only is the need of development for itself but also can provide convenience for manufacturing enterprises in China to develop the business in countries along “the Belt and Road”, greatly promote the industries of materials and equipment to become the mature industries with concentrated clients and market and with efficient transaction, lower the foreign trade access threshold for production enterprises in China and improve the recognition of “Made in China” among international clients. By means of PPC, SEO, EDM and SNS, markets and promotes itself with many more user visits and evident effects.

Attending comrades from Haidian District in Beijing, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, State Administration of Taxation and Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce successively delivered speeches, expressing high expectations of the future development of as a platform of foreign trade comprehensive services and mentioning that they will increase support to really solve the relevant issues of the platform of foreign trade comprehensive services during the process of development and guard during the process of development.

Xu Zhijun, deputy secretary-general of Beijing municipal government, Yan Ligang, director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Song Jianming, deputy director of Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Fan Kun, deputy director of Customs, Wang Dalu, Deputy Director General of General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, Gao Ruijun, Deputy Director General of State Administration of Taxation, Chen Shuang, deputy head of Haidian District, relevant leaders of State Administration of Foreign Exchange, Huang Anzhong, associate general manager of CNBM, Wu Jiwei, chief accountant and chairman of the Board of Directors of CNBM Import & Export, Guang Zhaoyu, secretary of the Board of Directors and assistant of general manager, Wei Feng, assistant of general manager and director of the office of foreign affairs, Zhang Jiwu, office director, heads of relevant departments, Zhao Yanmin, standing associate general manager and chief accountant of CNBM Import & Export, Luo Zhenli, vice president of and Yu Jingjing, marketing director attended this investigative symposium.

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