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Heart-warming Action in 2016 to Send the Children in the Sun Village Sunshine Full of Love






On October 23, CNBM Technology carried out the activity of visiting Sun Village and sending warmth. Just before the cold winter, over 20 employee representatives sent the children in the Sun Village winter clothes, nutritious food, school supplies and other loving care goods and materials.

Children were very glad to receive the gifts and helped to move them orderly like little adults. The atmosphere at the scene was very lively and the pure smiling faces of children infected all the people at the scene.

With the guidance of working staff in the Sun Village, employee representatives of CNBM Technology watched the film about the history of Sun Village, visited children’s dormitory, playroom and public welfare farm and learned more about the study and life of children in the village.

At the end of the visit, people came to the “Love Dormitory” jointly donated by CNBM Technology and caring staff in 2014. The establishment of “Love Dormitory” shows the expectation of CNBM Technology to create a spacious, bright, warm and cozy living condition for children and protect them from wind and rain. Made of light steel crossed dense ribbed beam and compound fence, the construction of “Love Dormitory” has “3R principles”, specifically, Reduce: energy, water, material and land conservation; Reuse: most of the construction fittings can be exchanged for common use and Recycle: 90% of the materials can be recycled when the service life of the house ends.

With the principle of “Caring rescue, social service”, CNBM Technology consistently focuses on public welfare industry, fulfills the social responsibility and organizes nearly 100 employees to hold various kinds of public welfare events for many years to make those children in need feel the warmth in the society and live healthily in the sunshine full of love.

Wish the children in the Sun Village a good smile like sunshine forever! 

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