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Deputy Prime Minister of Laos Visits CBMIE


    Sep 4th, Mr. Somsavat Lengsavad (Deputy Prime Minister of Laos) and Mr Bouakham Sisoulath (Member of Standing Committee of Provincial Committee, Governor of the Savan Seno Special Economic Zone) visited CBMIE and met with Wei Feng (GM Assistant of CNBM), Zhao Yanmin (Vice General Manager and Chief Accountant of CBMIE), Dr. Liang Haiyang (Chairman of World Chinese-Overseas-Trade Union General Attestation).


Laos is a socialist republic,a good neighbor of China, and has established diplomatic relations with China for 56 years. Both countries have cooperation in politics, economics, culture, etc.

Wei Feng delivered a welcome speech on behalf of CNBM. He introduced development and R&D, “Six One” strategy of CNBM under the “One Belt One Road” initiative. Representatives from Laos group introduced development of Laos, tax policy, and plans of Savan Seno Special Economic Zone, and welcome CNBM to invest. Zhao Yanmin talked about cooperation between CBMIE and Laos and prospect for cooperation in building materials, housing, light industry and agriculture.



Mr. Somsavat Lengsavad expressed his congratulations on the success of discussion between both parties. He invited leaders of CNBM visit Laos and meet Prime Minister of Laos and ministries and commissions, develop cooperation in economics, research and financial areas.


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