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Chen Yongxin Visits Jamaica


March 11th to 14th, Chen Yongxin (General Manager of CBMIE) visited Jamaica. He visited Horace Chang (Minister of Water, Environment and Housing in Jamaica) and Daryl Vaz (Director of Prime Minister Office and Minister of Economic Development). Both parties had an in-depth discussion on housing project, government project, distribution of building materials, international trade, etc.


Chen Yongxin introduced overall strength and international power of CNBM group, and focused on internationalization and localization operation of CBMIE, and forecasted construction in the center of Caribbean region. He expected to build broader and deeper cooperation with Jamaican government and local enterprises.


Chen Yongxin visited local supermarket of building materials and home furnishing, home appliances and furniture market, and food supermarket. He met the general manager of National, a wholesaler of food supermarket, and had an in-depth discussion on cooperation in the future.


Chen Yongxin and the group investigated the government-subsidized residential buildings and commercial housing projects, and discussed with Wihco, a real estate company, for future cooperation. He pointed out to combine resource of both parties, take the retail of building material as the market entry, build new overseas business mode in combination of house construction and home furnishing & decoration.


Chen Yongxin also visited Cuba and Saint Lucia.

Wang Lihe (Vice General Manager of CBMIE), Ma Wensheng (General Manager of CNBM Internatioal South Africa), and Zou Jin (Director of Investment Department of CBMIE) accompanied the visit.

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