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Bank-Enterprise Alliance, Empower Future


On July 26th 2017, Chen Yongxin (General Manager of CBMIE) met Liu Ling (President of SPD Bank, Shen Zhen Branch), had an in-depth discussion and reached a common understanding about granting credit to CNBM E-link Co., Ltd.

Chen Yongxin introduced operation management of CNBM and CBMIE, mission and vision, structure of stakeholders, strategic plans, and strategic objectives of CNBM E-link Co., Ltd. He also explained details about business model, business structure, profit model, financing limit, use of capital of subsidiaries including CNBM Technology, OKorder, CNBM Smart Industry Technology. Liu Ling agreed with innovation idea and reform courage of Chen Yongxin. Liu Ling stated that it would be practical to match business platforms under CNBM E-link Co., Ltd. with current products of SPD bank, or develop new products of SPD according to business development of CNBM E-link Co., Ltd.

Regarding to Internet Finance of OKOrder, SPD is able to provide product in supply chain finance, provide finance service to upstream and downstream enterprises of OKOrder, and enforce ecological chain of OKOrder. Concerning closed cycle payment in cross-border B2B E-commerce, both parties confirmed to set up project team to coordinate, request government for coordination in important issues, solve the problem in closed cycle payment in cross-border B2B E-commerce, and build significant milestone for cooperation between the two parties.

Both parties discussed about investment in shares of SPD bank. They will arrange signing ceremony of strategic cooperation to build bank-enterprise alliance, cooperate closely, achieve mutual benefit, and empower future.

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