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Chen Yongxin Visits the Site of DMC


On May 24th, Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CBMIE, after attended the Unveiling Ceremony of Ethiopia-China Building Material Science Laboratory in Ethiopia, visited the site of DMC accompanied by Zhang Liao( Assistant to GM of CBMIE and General Manager of CNBM Smart Industry Technology) and Zhang Jing ( Assistant to GM of CNBM Smart Industry Technology).


During the visit, production managers of CNBM Smart Industry Technology and DMC project production managers reported on localization management, safety management, project management, and staff activities.

Chen Yongxin praised on achievement on localization of management and cost control of DMC project. He also blueprinted future development of DMC project in Africa.

First, this project provided valuable experience for CBMIE’s development in Africa and should be a star project. Second, CBMIE and CNBM Smart Industry Technology will increase resource allocation to DMC project for further development, enhance training and provide talent for other projects, and offer management experiences for other projects. Third, under difficult working conditions overseas, staffs should pay high attention to safety and take good care of oneselves.


Zhang Liao pointed out that they will boost localization and human resource management, and pay attention to safety management.

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