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CBMIE Held International Business Development Seminar



On July 8th, CBMIE held a seminar on international business development in Beijing. Wei Feng (Assistant to GM of CNBM), and Chen Yongxin (GM of CBMIE), addressed the seminar.

Representatives from all subsidiaries and departments reported on opportunities and challenges in internationalization, international business model, strategic blueprint, regionalization & localization operation strategies, direction of transformation, collaborative development, construction of platforms, and training & reward-compensation policy, etc. They also discussed and suggested on business & management model in internationalization.


Mr. Wei Feng praised on the current development of CBMIE. Based on Song Zhiping’s (President of CNBM) “Six Ones” strategy, Wei Feng pointed out the requirement of “making full use of advantage, integrating resources”. He hoped all units would participate in “ One Belt, One Road” initiative, manage seven markets in Middle East, South-East Asia, South Africa, Central Europe, and Association of Southeast Asian Nations(ASEAN), etc, and achieve mutual benefit with partners.

Mr.Chen Yongxin gave important instructions on directions of business development. He pointed out that all units should build core competence, “go out” combining with the “Six Ones (overseas logistic park, overseas warehouse, overseas building material supermarket, cross-border E-business, intelligent industry and CTC)”strategy and advantages of CBMIE. The company will assist in organizational structure, team building, and resource allocation.

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