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Vice President of Postal Saving Bank of China Visited CBMIE


On June 5th, Qu Jiawen, Vice President of Postal Saving Bank of China (PSBC), and relevant department managers visited CBMIE. Zhao Yanmin, Vice General Manager and Chief Accountant of CBMIE, held a meeting.


Mr. Zhao Yanmin appreciated support from PSBC on business development of CBMIE. He introduced business operation in CNBM and CBMIE. He stated that CBMIE would take the opportunity of signing strategic agreement between CNBM and PSBC to develop in-depth cooperation with PSBC in the future.

Mr. Qu Jiawen introduced advantages of PSBC, significant projects and cases of Internet Finance(ITFIN)+ E-business platform supported by PSBC. He also pointed out, PSBC would continuously support CBMIE. By various schemes such as headquarter & branches and domestic & international branches, PSBC would further improve comprehensive financial service to CBMIE to achieve mutual benefit.


The meeting enhanced understanding and friendships between the two parties, and clarified direction and areas of cooperation for the future.

Relevant managers from CBMIE Finance Department, Director of Capital Centre, and representatives from CNBM International also attended the meeting.

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