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CNBM Expanded Ethiopian Market to Practice "The Belt and Road" National Strategy


  On October 11, 2016 to October 14, 2016, Zhao Yanmin, Executive Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation conducted a three-day study visit in Ethiopia. Ethiopia, as an important country along the "The Belt and Road", is the political center of Africa and is one of the few economies in the world that has maintained double-digit economic growth. At present, Ethiopia has six major cement plants, all of which CNBM involved. CNBM has become the most famous brand in the local cement market. Since the Ethiopia is company's core market, the company will increase efforts to enhance the relationship with the local government and partners, and will make Ethiopian market become a business card of the Company.

  On the morning of October 12, Zhao Yanmin and his entourage inspected Ethiopia's largest Deba Cement Plant, which was fully produced and managed and maintained by CNBM Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., and held discussions with the key employees of the production management team. The production management team for Deba Cement Plant is full of energy, and the plant is neat and orderly, reflecting the high level of management. Zhao Yanmin also put forward higher and specific requirements: as a demonstration production line, efforts should be made to achieve standardization in production and management of Deba Cement Plant, and become the model of managing Deba Cement Plant and promote within the Company; built the Deba Cement Plant into the personnel training base in Ethiopia, thus forming a company's production management base in Africa. At present, the number of cement plants operated and managed by CNBM Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. has reached 13, and will increase to 15 at the end of the year.

  On October 13th, at the invitation of Mr. Masfin, President of the Habesha Cement Plant in Ethiopia, Zhao Yanmin and his entourage came to the headquarters of the Habesha Cement Plant in Addis, where both parties had a cordial and friendly conversation. After the meeting, two sides signed a cooperation agreement on production management, while CNBM will participate in the commission of cement plant. Then, Zhao Yanmin and his entourage came to the headquarters of the East African Holding Company, received warm reception of Chairman Buzha Mr. Buzha said that the National Cement Plant had signed a 50-person joint production and management contract with CNBMEIE, and East African Holding Company will invite CNBM to take over the production management and maintenance business of the plant, and hoped that the relationship between two sides enhanced the strategic partnership. The two sides also discussed the construction of two grinding stations co-invested by CNBM Holding Limited and National Cement Plant to meet the needs of cement products in the surrounding areas.

  On the afternoon of October 13, Mr. Zhao Yanmin held talks with Mr. Mekonen, Chairman of Ethiopian Chemical Industry Group. Mr. Mekonen said that CNBM had dispatched 12 experts technical service team to effectively enhance the production and management level of Chilanga Cement Plant, and would expand the number of experts in service team to 20. In view of high quality service of CNBM, Mr. Mekonen invited CNBM to bid for the construction project of headquarter building of Ethiopian Chemical Industry Group. After the meeting, Zhao Yanmin conducted a deep exchange of the progress of project and provided guidance on finishing the project with CNBM International Engineering Corporation and project on-site management team.

  On the morning of October 14th, at the invitation of Mr. Haile, President of Ethiopia Cement Association and Director and General Manager of Deba Cement Plant, Zhao Yanmin and his entourage came to the headquarter of MIDROC Group. The two sides exchanged views on some specific problems of Deba Cement Plant. The plant would continue to cooperate with the CNBM in the Phase II construction. As the president of the cement association, Mr. Haile said that Ethiopia's cement industry was lagging behind, and needed CNBM outstanding enterprises to lead its development. The cement association will recommend the government to strengthen cooperation with the CNBM and jointly invest in the establishment of cement training schools, focusing on upgrading the skill of local labor force.

  Zhang Liao, General Manager of CNBM International Equipment Co., Ltd. and CNBM Intelligent Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied the visit.




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