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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation and Chia Tai Group "Discussed Cooperation and Marched Forward Hand In Hand"


On the morning of September 29, Mr. Chen Yongxin, General Manager of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation and Wang Lihe Deputy General Manager and his entourage visited Chia Tai Group and held in-depth exchange talks with Hu Fanghui, Vice President, Zhang Yuanhuan and Liu Minrong, Vice President of "The Belt and Road" Business Department.

On behalf of Ching Tai Group, Mr Hu Fanghui expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of General Manager Chen Yongxin. He introduced the business layout and corporate philosophy of Chia Tai Group, and highlighted the development plan of Chia Tai Group in "The Belt and Road" business, including the development blueprint of East Coast Special Economic Zone of Thailand.

General Manager Chen Yongxin spoke highly of the Chia Tai Group's contribution to the social and economic development in China and the world and deeply understood that Chia Tai Group had always upheld the corporate philosophy of "Benefit the nation, the people and the Enterprises", and appreciated that Chia Tai Group would continue to increase investment efforts and make the a positive contribution to the implementation of "The Belt and Road" strategy. He briefed the business scope, resource advantages of CNBMEIE, as well as the import and export of complete sets of equipment of CNBM International Engineering and development of CNBM Intelligent Industry.

The two sides agreed that they should combine their own advantages and resources to jointly promote the cooperation of two groups and create new business value through cooperation. The two sides reached a preliminary consensus on cooperation in light industry equipment, building materials and equipment and import and export trade, and made clear the intention of further cooperation.

Finally, the General Manager Chen Yongxin further suggested that we can learn from the advantages and concept of Chia Tai Group's multinational corporations to seek new ideas and directions for the future development of building materials and equipment, especially make in-depth discussion and exploration in the state-owned mixed ownership reform, board of director pilot, professional manager system and other aspects, explore new ways of innovation and cooperation, and jointly explore the market, achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation, and create a new era of "Going Global" for Chinese building materials and equipment.

Zhang Liao, assistant of General Manager of CNBMEIE and General Manager of CNBM International Equipment Co., Ltd. and Xu Zhibin, Assistant of General Manager of CNBM International Equipment Co., Ltd. accompanied the visit.

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