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Comrade Luo Cai Won the Honorary Title of"Advanced Workers in The Legal Affairs of Central Enterprises



Recently, the State Council SASAC commended the advanced workers in the "Top 10 Excellent" general counsel, legal advisers and legal affairs of central enterprises, and Comrade Luo Cai from CNBMEIE won the honorary title "Advanced Workers in The Legal Affairs of Central Enterprises ".

Comrade Luo Cai performed conscientiously, proactively, pragmatically, rigorously and meticulously in her work. As a legal front-line worker, she always maintains a high sense of responsibility and mission, fears neither hardship nor tired, is serious and responsible to complete each job, always values the interests of country, society and company above everything else and makes an important contribution to the development of legal construction of the Company. Her own practical action interprets the corporate culture of "Awe, Thanksgiving, Humble, Decent" of CNBM, and describes beautiful poem of legal affairs of CNBM as a legal worker in the ordinary post.

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