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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation held 2016 Work Conference


On January 29, China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation held 2016 work conference. The meeting summed up the work of 2015, put forward the overall idea during the "the 13th Five-Year Plan ", and planned the work in 2016. Cao Jianglin, General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation attended the meeting and made an important speech. Huang Anzhong, Deputy General Manager of CNBM and Chairman of CNBMEIE made a special report entitled New Situation, New Target and New Countermeasures, and Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CNBMEIE submitted the work report. Zheng Lei, full-time supervisor of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and Wei Feng, Assistant of General Manager of CNBM attended the meeting.

In 2015, in the face of unfavorable factors  such as the decline in domestic economic growth rate, excess capacity, reduced demand, rapid depreciation of the RMB, sharply fell of international commodity prices, the Company tackled difficult problems directly from top to bottom difficult and adjusted business strategy, strengthened the fine management, strictly control the operation risk, speed up the transformation of innovation, made positive progress in all work, and annual operating income totaled 73.3 billion yuan. "Internet +" and "The Belt and the Road" initiative and other innovative businesses had made outstanding achievements, and three enterprises of the Company had become a member of "Profit ofBillion Yuan Club". Export markets continue to expand, and spread throughout more than 200 countries and regions. Innovation and transformation effect is obvious, "Three Networks and One Cloud" four service platforms experience rapid development, and achieved breakthrough results: the sale of " + Exports Overseas Warehouse" reached 11 billion yuan; online trading volume of bulk network service platform has exceeded 10 billion Yuan; and the intelligent industrial service platform profits more than 60 million yuan. We had vigorously develop the international trade, overseas projects and overseas warehouse construction in the key countries along "The Belt and Road", and comprehensively promoted the internationalization process; create supply chain management mode of low-risk and stable profit in the major commodities; vigorously promoted asset securitization, CNBM Information Technology Co., Ltd affiliated with Company had successfully listed in the national SME share transfer system; deepen the mixed ownership reform, and establish two innovative platforms: okorder technology and intelligent industry.

The company's fine management, risk control, party building work, corporate culture, social responsibility and other work have achieved remarkable results.

Chen Yongxin pointed out that in the current economic situation, opportunities and challenges coexist, we shall focus on "Internet +" and "The Belt and Road", accelerate innovation business development, improve profitability of enterprises, and comprehensively improve the work of all aspects of the company according to the goal of cost reduction, risk control and efficiency improvement. We should focus on improving profitability; speed up the transformation and innovation, accelerate the pace of international management, achieve the global use of resources; continue to deepen reform, dock capital market; strengthen the fine management, strict control of business risks; strengthen team building and the party building and create a good corporate culture; focus on safe production, practice corporate social responsibility and other aspects of the work.

Huang Anzhong made a comprehensive analysis of the current economic situation, challenges and opportunities in the special report. All the cadres and employees must fully understand the current new economic situation and economic environment, in accordance with the instructions and work arrangements made by Chairman Song Zhiping and General Manager Cao Jianglin at the Group work conference, adhere to the principle of "Quality Improvement, Transformation And Upgrading" and "Profitability first, Efficiency First", focus on improving the efficiency, intensify innovation and transformation efforts and speed up the business development and internationalization process of "Three Networks and One Cloud". We should accelerate the pace of updating the employee's knowledge, concept, and achieve technology innovation, model innovation, management innovation, mechanism innovation in the enterprise. We must resolutely implement the work requirements, i.e. "Early, Fine, Lean and Real" "Four Grasp And Four Control, Four Increases and Four Decreases" "Stabilize Price, Reduce Cost, Make Collections, Minimize Inventory and Adjustment", fully implement fine management and risk control work , carry out "minimizing expenditure and reducing three fees", and strive to realize a substantial increase in business efficiency in  2016, achieve obvious results in the corporate transformation, create a modern service enterprise with core competitiveness.

On behalf of Chairman Song Zhiping, General Manager of the Group Cao Jianglin fully affirmed the achievements of CNBMEIE in 2015 and expressed the importance and care for the CNBMEIE. He pointed out that the year of 2015 was a crucial year that CNBMEIE faced a major challenge in the adjustment and transformation. CNBMEIE withstood the pressure, and achieve fruitful results in the profit platform construction and business restructuring.

For the work in 2016, General Manager Cao Jianglin said the group would always, support, care and help the development of CNBMEIE. At the same time, we fully implement the instructions made by Chairman Song Zhiping at in 2016 work conference and carry out the following work:

First, strengthen the management principles. First, improve quality, transformation and upgrading; Second, Early, Fine, Lean and Real; Third, four grasps and four controls, Four Increases and Four Decreases; Fourth, Stabilize Price, Reduce Cost, Make Collections, Minimize Inventory and Adjustment; Fifth, Profitability first, Efficiency First. CNBMEIE stays firmly grounded in reality, adheres to the principle and implements within the scope of the Group's management principles.

Second, strengthen the profit platform construction. First, the profits of three profit platforms should increase by 30% year on year, other business should increase by 15% and provide supporting resources and implement the plan. Second, implement own conditions. We should strength team building, save capital and cut expenditure, achieve company's standardized management and realize fine management. Third, accelerate the construction of a new profit platform. CNBMEIE should build new profit platform for the business sectors that meet the conditions, and aim to build more platforms with a profit of more than 1 billion yuan within five years.

Third, strengthen the structural adjustment. Over the past 10 years, CNBMEIE made a significant contribution to the development of the Group. At present, in the face of some difficulties occurred in the process of transformation, they should be resolved in the development, and structural adjustment should be implemented in a steady manner. We should adhere to the principle of "orderly transformation" and "building 5-6 profit platform" and deal with the relationship between the two, and solve the problem in the development.

General Manger Cao always believes that we will be able to overcome the difficulties in 2016 and achieve more excellent results.

Fourth, strengthen the process management. We should follow the principle of keep things going through the process; all organizations should define clear boundaries, take responsibility, focus on efficiency and work together.

At the meeting, Letters of responsibility for Clean and Honest Government and2016 operating objectives were signed. CNBM Information Technology Co.,LTD and okorder cross-border electricity business platform, excellent network intelligent industrial platform and large network integrated service platform exchange the ideas. The meeting also commended the advanced collectives and outstanding employees in 2015.

Leaders, middle-level cadres ofCNBM and leaders from subsidiaries and backbone and a total of 160 people attended the meeting.



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