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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export CorporationHeld a Meeting of Cadres


On February 24, 2016, China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation held a meeting of middle-level cadres. Cao Jianglin, General Manager of CNBM, Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant, Wang Yumeng, Chairman of the labor union, Zhou Guoping, Chief Economist, Qu Xin, General Manager of Finance Department, Ye Yingchun, Director of the Party Working of Group and other leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CNBMEIE.

Chairman of the labor union Wang Yumeng announced the list of new board of directors of CNBMEIE; appointed Wu Jiwei as chairman, Zhou Guoping as vice chairman, Chen Yongxin as party secretary; nominated Zhao Yanmin as Executive Deputy General Manager. Huang Anzhong, Deputy General Manager of the Group is no longer concurrently served as chairman and party secretary of CNBMEIE.

At the meeting, General Manager Cao Jianglin made important speech, he pointed out that the personnel adjustment meets the needs of group's international development strategy.

For the future work of CNBMEIE, General Manager Cao Jianglin pointed out:

First, during the "the 13th Five-Year Plan" period, in the context of implementing "The Belt and Road" strategy and Group's international strategy, the Company should complete the two major tasks: First, perform well in the traditional business transformation, second, construct new profit platform.

Second, we must strengthen the confidence to create new glory of CNBMEIE in the new normal circumstance. Over the past decade, CNBMEIE had realized "four haves": talent, foundation, result and experience. This "four have" is the source of confidence that CNBMEIE can create new glory.

Third, we must work together, work in a down-to-earth manner, establish a group of consciousness, and make a good start during the "the 13th Five-Year Plan ". The group will fully support the development of CNBMEIE.

At the meeting, Wu Jiwei, Zhou Guoping, Chen Yongxin, Zhao Yanmin respectively made speeches.

Leader team, middle-level cadres of CNBMEIE and leadership members of subsidiaries attended the meeting.


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