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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation held March Monthly Analysis


On March 23, China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation held March Monthly Analysis conference. Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant of CNBM and Chairman of CNBMEIE, and Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CNBMEIE attended the meeting, and made important speeches respectively.

General Manager Chen Yongxin summarized the work in the past months, praised the companies with better performance, and put forward requirements on companies with bad performances. He stressed all business units and sector shall always implement "Four Reductions "requirements proposed by the Group and do a good job in "Four Reductions".

As for the next stage work, General Manage Chen Yongxin put forward the follow points: First, prevent risks in the historical business and traditional business, optimize the model. In the new normal, the original model and experience is not suitable for development, and traditional business should improve ideas, optimize the model, and do a good job in risk prevention. Second, the construction of new profit platform should configure resources. Company's resources should vigorously favor the profit platform, separate old and new business; speed up the development of" Three Networks and One Cloud", and give full play to advantage business on the line, nurture Internet thinking and create value. Third, handle with the legacy of history. Each business unit and sector should pay full attention to its own business, and the company will also conduct a comprehensive combing of legal affairs, allocate resources, reduce the burden of the business sector and provide quality services for business sector in operation.

General Manager Chen Yongxin deployed current work of the Company: First, sort out the business management and process. The subsidiaries should improve their management level, adhere to the principle of "Business, Legal and Financial" and sort out the perfect business processes, implement the rights and responsibilities. Second, reposition financial functions. The Company will expedite the implementation of the appointment and rotation of the financial directors in the subsidiaries and further enhance the ability of finance department in the headquarters to prevent the risk of capital management and exchange. Third, landing of Shanghai management center. In April, the preparation for Shanghai management center should complete. The overall management of financial and legal in Southern Area should be implemented. Fourth, implement 2016 performance appraisal. Performance evaluation indicators should be developed and implemented in various subsidiaries, and payment system should be re-enacted and incentive measures should be strengthened. Fifth, improve the safety of production work. We should vigorously strengthen the safety production management, standardize the control, establish and improve the subcontractor's safety supervision system, clean up irrelevant enterprises.

General Manager Chen Yongxin asked cadres at all levels to bear the weight of responsibility in the work, conscientiously perform their duties.

Chairman Mr. Wu Jiwei analyzed current domestic and international economic situation, talked about some thinking of development of the company. He pointed out that the CNBMEIE should further study and implement a series of instructions on the company's development presented by Chairman Song Zhiping and General Manager Cao Jianglin, and strive to develop into an international company with hope, ambitious and enterprising spirit. He stressed that in the new normal new environment, CNBMEIE should further consider the functions and positioning in the group, strive to develop into an important pillar of creating value for Group, representative in new economic model, gathering place for model of internationalization and international talent, ensure that four profit platforms with value of more than 500 million yuan and two or three profit platforms with value of 100 million yuan will be created in 2020. The construction of platform shall be implemented in a steady and solid manner and platform business should become the business development direction of CNBMEIE.

In view of the questions in the development, Chairman Wu Jiwei stresses that it is necessary to focus on the problem, take well-targeted steps, and highlight the feature and seek opportunities. We should pay more attention to the culture of performance, and some systems and practices that are inconsistent with the performance culture should be resolutely adjusted. We should pay more attention to risk prevention and control. We shall carefully sort out and organize the current business and strictly control all kinds of risks from the perspective of business model, decision-making process, fund settlement, resource capacity and legal protection; pay greater attention to standardized management, gradually establish a management list in accordance with the requirements on standardized, institutionalized, refined and digital management, rationalize the management matters between parent company and subsidies, co-ordinate the relationship of  activating the vitality of business and effectively controlling the risk ; pay more attention to teamwork, the headquarters shall take great efforts in guide, support and service, and subsidiaries shall give full play to collaboration, reduce duplication and complement each other, give full play to the sense of ownership of employees, create environment that lets all employees offer advices on the development for the Company.

On recent major work, all units shall conscientiously implement the Group's instructions on improving quality and increasing productivity and the guiding principles of Chairman Song Zhiping and General Manager Cao Jianglin in the speech of operation analysis of the Group, improve the specific work plan and work measures, and strive to achieve a good start in the first quarter of 2016; co-ordinate the existing business development and the construction of profit platform, grasp the market development for existing business, carry out risk prevention; go ahead steadily and surely for the new profit platform and adequately carry out the work.

Finally, Chairman Wu Jiwei encouraged all staff to inspire the spirit, have firm confidence, tackle difficult problems directly and achieve better business performance in 2016.

At the meeting, the company's deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant Zhao Yanmin informed the overall operation of the company's subsidiaries from January to February. In addition, the operation of each subsidiary and business sector from January to February was reported.

Company leaders, leaders of each department, leader of subsidiaries and financial managers and a total of more than 50 people attended the meeting.


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