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2016 Safety Production Leading Group Enlarged Conference of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation Held in Beijing


In order to implement the overall requirements of the Group's 2016 production safety teleconference, the Company held an enlarged meeting of 2016 Leading Group for Safety Production on March 30. The meeting carefully summed up the work of the company's safety production management in 2015, and set the priorities in 2016. Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CNBMEIE, attended the meeting and made an important speech.

General Manager Chen Yongxin pointed out that the safety production in 2015 maintained a stable overall situation, but there were also some problems,  efforts should be made to continue to strengthen the safety in the following five aspects: First, strict control of the risks of overseas project, and effectively enhance the security level; Second, adhere to the people-oriented concept and protect the safety and health of employees; Third, strengthen the investigation and management of hidden dangers, and take preventive measures; Fourth, effectively implement the main responsibility, truly realize full participation; Fifth, improve the emergency management mechanism to effectively improve the disposal capacity. General Manager Chen Yongxin also stressed that the primary task of safety production of the Company was the safety of overseas projects, and great attention shall be paid from the leadership to the grassroots, and shall implement effectively; 2016 performance appraisal connected with safety production, as well as management and leaders with specific duties, and constituted an important part of the assessment, and reward and punishment measure would be implemented.

At the meeting, three key units of safety production such as CNBM International Equipment Co., Ltd., CNBM International Trade Co., Ltd., and Information Technology Center submitted the report of 2015 safety work summary and 2016 working plan. Wang Lihe, deputy General Manager of the company submitted the report on "2015 Safety Work Summary and 2016 Safety Work Priorities". The meeting reviewed and approved the adjustment of the personnel of leading group of safety production of the Company.

The meeting was chaired by Wang Lihe, Deputy General Manager of the Company. The company's leading group members for safety production and managers for safety production and a total of ten people attended the meeting.


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