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General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation Mr. Chen Yongxin held talks with Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction Yoav Galant


On April 12, Chen Yongxin, General Manager of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation and Chairman of China National Building Materials General Machinery Co., Ltd., held talks with Yoav Galant, Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction in Shanghai. At the meeting, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and reached a consensus on the Country's housing projects and long-term cooperation.

Chen Yongxin first thanked Galant for taking a special trip to Shanghai and briefed the guests on the development of CNBM and CNBMEIE, especially comprehensive advantages and rich experience in the supply of housing and related building materials and home furnishing facilities. He says that the company is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of the Israeli market, and will take this cooperation project as an opportunity to actively participate in the construction of various Israeli projects and their supporting areas, and hope that both sides can further promote bilateral cooperation via combining the advantages of both sides.

Minister Galant expressed his affirmation for the strength of CNBM. He stressed that Israel welcomed the participation of prestigious international large-scale enterprises such as CNBM in the field of building materials in the construction, and gave appreciation to outstanding performance of CNBM in the cooperation project. He said that Israel had huge potential demand for building materials in the construction hope that CNBM can seize the opportunity. In addition, the Israeli government will also give strongly support the development of CNBM in Israel.

The Israeli government and the embassies and consulates in China, Israeli owner representative Mr. Kelly, Xu Zheng General Manager of CNBM General Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhao Xin, Marketing Director of BNBM Housing Co., Ltd. attended the talks.


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