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Austria Rio Tinto Group Representatives Discussed and Cooperated with China National Building Materials Group Corporation


On April 14, 2016, Mr. Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant of China Building Materials Group and Chairman of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation, met with Bold Baatar, Managing Director of Global Market Sales and Shipping of Iron Mine Division of Rio Tinto Group.

At the meeting, the two sides conducted an in-depth discussion on how to innovate business cooperation model. In the face of new challenges posed by the current iron ore market environment, Bold Baatar said that Rio Tinto was seeking an innovation and development road, and attached great importance to cooperate with partners to discuss how to innovate the cooperation model and business model and other aspects in addition to technological innovation. Based on the existing good cooperation between the two sides, Rio Tinto will rely on CNBM's advantage in China's port resources and influence in the domestic iron ore market, and further carry out in-depth business cooperation with CNBM in the field of mixed mine and technical exchanges.

Wu Jiwei said that CNBM took iron ore industry as the base for decades, and accumulated advantages over brand, capital, resources and professional team, especially had successful experience in the mine and other business. He believed that the cooperation between the two sides would achieve fruitful results.

Mr. Silva Cecilia, General Manager of Iron and Ore Market Development Department of Rio Tinto Group, and Wang Dongwei, Deputy General Manager of CNBM Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.



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