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Vice President of Beijing Branch of China Construction Bank Wang Lixin Visited the Headquarter


On May 20, Wang Lixin, Vice President of Beijing Branch of China Construction Bank, Liu Zhi, Deputy General Manager of the Group, Lin Lin, President of XiSi Branch, and Zhao Hui, Vice President visited the head office. Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant of CNBM and Chairman of CNBMEIE, Chen Yongxin, General Manager, Zhao Yanmin, Executive Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of CNBMEIE, and leaders for relevant departments of   Beijing Branch of China Construction Bank and CNBMEIE attended the talks.

Wu Jiwei expressed his warm welcome to the arrival of Wang Lixin and expressed his gratitude to CCB for supporting the development of CNBMEIE. Wu Jiwei briefly introduced the operation and future development strategy of the Group and CNBMEIE. CNBMEIE, the pillar of internationalization, modern service industry and profit, is responsible for building three modern service platforms in the future, and creating new "Internet +" Business model. In the last, he hopes that the future cooperation between banks and enterprises will meet the development strategy of CNBMEIE, thus achieving all-round, deep-seated and substantial in-depth cooperation.

Wang Xinli introduced the success stories and business advantages of CCB in supporting the major projects of implementing "Going Global" strategy and cross-border RMB fund collection and other areas, and said that CCB continued to support the business development of CNBMEIE, further enhanced the comprehensive financial services level of CNBMEIE and achieved mutual benefit and created win-win situation between banks and enterprises through the linkage of head office and branches in China and foreign countries and other means.

This seminar deepened the understanding and friendship between the two sides, clarified the direction and field of cooperation in the future, and promoted the docking of business needs and financial products, thus laying a solid foundation for promoting the in-depth cooperation between CNBMEIE and China Construction Bank.


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