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Cao Jianglin Attended the Seminar on the Operation and Management of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation


On May 23 - 24, Cao Jianglin, General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation(Hereinafter referred to as "CNBM") and his entourage arrived in Shanghai and investigated and surveyed this area affiliated to China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation(Hereinafter referred to as "CNBMEIE"), and attended seminar on the operation and management.

At the meeting, CNBM International Corporation and other 10 subsidiaries gave a comprehensive report on the development strategic planning, business model and development goal in the next three years. Cao Jianglin listened to the report, and carried out in-depth exchange with reporting units, and provided specific guidance for the operational work.

Cao Jianglin fully affirmed the international development ability, marketing ability, business model's innovation ability of each business sector in the Company He pointed out that all work should highlight the benefits, focus on the main business and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the current severe economic situation. We should conscientiously implement the Group's goal of "Integrating Optimization, Improving Efficiency and Reducing Debt", strengthen KPI management, optimize the assessment mechanism, and meet the requirements of "four reductions".

Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant of CNBM and Chairman of CNBMEIE, Wei Rushan, Deputy General Manager of Department of Investment of CNBM, Chen Yongxin, General Manager and Executive Deputy General Manager of CNBMEIE, Chief Accountant Zhao Yanmin, Deputy General Manager Zhang Jinsong, Wu Xiang, Wang Lihe, and the head of subsidiaries and directors of financial department and other 30 people attended the meeting.



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