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2016 Safety Production Month First Aid and Health Training was Held in Beijing


On June 13, according to the notice on implementation of safety production activity month in the Group and in line with the company's activity program of production safety, China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as "CNBMEIE") organized the 2016 safety production month first aid and health training activities.

The training invited Director Shan Yi, specialist of first aid of Navy General Hospital, made a comprehensive basic introduction to the non-medical staff surgery emergency and internal medicine emergency's first aids that non-medical-staff shall operate before sending patients to the hospital, and also focused on how to implement cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique. Professor Shan received favorable praises from employees with humor and professional skills.

More than 50 employees from the headquarters, and CNBM International TradeCorporation, CNBM EquipmentCorporation, CNBMIntelligent IndustryCorporation and CNBM InformationCorporation participated in this training.

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