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General Manager Cao Jianglin Surveyed China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation


On September 2, Cao Jianglin, General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation went to China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation and surveyed and guided the work.

At the meeting, Chen Yongxin, Secretary of Party and General Manager of CNBMEIE reported the overall operation of the company, and leaders from okorder technology, intelligent industry, CNBM information and CNBM supply chain and other important business sectors reported the operation from January to August and implementation of annual work plan.

Cao Jianglin listened to the report, fully affirmed the business progress of each sector, and gave specific guidance on the work of each business sector. He pointed out that each sector of CNBMEIE should identify the development goals, focus on the main business, improve the business model, commit to the core competitiveness of the building, and ask each units to adhere to the principle of "Efficiency First, Benefit First", strengthen the fine management, standardize management, strengthen risk control, highlight the KPI assessment, and create the core profit zone.

Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant of CNBM and Chairman of CNBMEIE, Wang Yu Meng, chairman of Labor Union of CNBM and General Manager of human resources and Wei Rushan, deputy General Manager of investment department accompanied the survey. All leading members of team of CNBMEIE and leaders from important business sector and relevant departments and a total of 20 people attended the meeting.



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