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General Manager Chen Yongxin Meets with Duserve CEO



On November 23, Mr. Chen Yongxin, General Manager of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation(Hereinafter referred to as "CNBMEIE"), met with CEO of Duserve Company of Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Mr. Sam Taleb, Representative of Labor Camp Project of Dubai South New Town.

Before the meeting, Ma Wensheng, Director of Development of Investment accompanied the project representatives to visit the Miyun base of BNBM Housing, detailing the characteristics of the Group's housing products and achievements of overseas projects. The Company's BNBM Housing project team and project representatives made in-depth discussion on the project cooperation and made a detailed description of the Company's design. The project representatives were very satisfied with the design and construction capability of our project.

At the meeting, Mr. Chen Yongxin briefed Mr. Taleb on the overall situation of the Group and CNBMEIE, highlighted the major business sectors of the Company and look forward to the broad prospects for the future development of the Company in the process of implementing "The Belt and Road" strategy, which would have great potential for development in the Middle East and other countries and regions. Mr. Taleb introduced the development plan of Dubai South New Town, and fully affirmed the comprehensive strength of our Company, and invited the Company to participate in the construction of Dubai South New Town. General Manager Chen Yongxin said that CNBM had accumulated successful experiences in the relevant business areas, and believed that the cooperation between two sides would achieve fruitful results.

Deputy General Manager Wang Lihe, and staffs from relevant department of CNBMEIE attended in the meeting.

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