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General Manager Chen Yongxin Visits Headquarters of Chia Tai Group in Thailand



On December 1, Chen Yongxin, General Manager and Party Secretary of China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation (), and his entourage visited the headquarter of Chia Tai Group in Thailand. Mr. Xie Guomin, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Chia Tai Group, Hu Fanghui, Vice President of the Group, Hong Guang, Executive Vice President and more than 10 senior executives of the Group warmly received General Manager Chen Yongxin and his entourage.



       During the meeting, the two sides introduced the Group Profile. Chen Yongxin mainly introduced the rapid development process and international planning of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as "CNBM") in recent years; Xie Guomin highly recognized the leadership of CNBM in the industry. Both sides said that they would make broad cooperation in the implementation of "The Belt and Road" strategy, and make depth cooperation in the advantage fields. Xie Guomin also mentioned that the East Coast project would be revitalized in Thailand, and CNBM is also welcomed to participate in the construction. After the meeting, both sides go to the lunch. 

 During his visit to Thailand, General Manager Chen Yongxin and his entourage, accompanied by Hu Fanghui, vice president of Chia Tai Group, Hou Yinghui, advisor of the Group, visited Chia Tai Group's feed factory and food factory, Thai-China Industrial Park in Rayong of Thailand and several building materials supermarkets in Bangkok, and madefield research for local market and investment environment.


Mr. Wang Lihe, Deputy General Manager of CNBMEIE, Ma Wensheng, Investment Director of Investment Department and Mr. Xu Zhibin, Assistant of General Manager of CNBM International Engineering Co., LTD accompanied the visit.



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