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China National Building Materials & Equipment Import & Export Corporation Held 2017 Working Conference


On January 24, CBMIE (Hereinafter referred to as "CBMIE") held 2017 Working Conference.


      The conference comprehensively conveyed the spirit of the working conference of Group, summed up the work in 2016, and analyzed the current situation, as well as made working plan for 2017. Cao Jianglin, General Manager of China National Building Materials Group Corporation (Hereinafter referred to as "CNBM"), attended the meeting and made an important speech. In addition, Wu Jiwei, Chief Accountant of CNBM and Chairman of CBMIE, delivered a special speech titled "Work Hard and Forge Ahead to Promote the Transformation and Development". Moreover, Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CBMIE, submitted the work report entitled "Implement Innovation Transformation and Embark on a New Journey". Zhou Guoping, chief economist of CNBM and vice Chairman of CBMIE, and Yao Wenjun, General Manager of department of auditing in CNBM attended the meeting.

The year 2016 is the first year for implementing the China's Twelfth Five-Year Plan. During this year, the Company hadresolutely practiced three major strategies of "Innovation-Driven, Green Development, International Cooperation" designed by the Group, solidly promoted reform and reorganization, enhanced innovation and development, and maximized quality and efficiency, and all the works proceeded smoothly. The performance in each sector was improved significantly and fruitful results were achieved. In addition, many products have further enhanced the market influence, and the export amount of iron ore, coal import and building material is ranked among the forefront of the industry. With respect to the innovation and transformation, a new ecology of modern service industry has formed, creating intelligence industry, intelligence trade, channel and cloud service sector; we have expanded our market, given full play to the advantages over the talents, market and resource, focus on the main industry and further deepened the international business. We also have deepened the reformation and established two future core profitable platforms concerned with intelligence network and international product, and had developed multiple measures to implement fine management and formulate new thinking on the combination of production and research; and taken all measures to strengthen the Party self-conduct, and work to secure solid progress in pursuing the"Two Studies, One Action" and pay constant attention to the safe production.



  Chen Yongxin, General Manager of CBMIE, submitted annual work report

In the report, General Manager Chen Yongxin reviewed the Company's work and achievements in 2016, analyzed the economic situation and set 2017 Company's business objectives and work plans. In 2017, we shall do a good job in innovation and cooperation, build the core profit platform; optimize the layout, strengthen international competitiveness; implement fine management, improve the Company's soft power; nurture talents, build mechanism advantages; do a good job in Party building and promote comprehensive development.


Wu Jiwei, Chairman of CBMIE delivered the speech

In the speech,Chairman Wu Jiwei fully affirmed the Company's achievements in 2016, expressed heartfelt thanks to the hard working and sacrifices of all cadres and staffs on behalf of Company's board of directors and leaders. He pointed out that the situation would be more complicated in 2017. All the cadres and staffs should earnestly study and understand the spirit of the speeches of Group Chairman Song Zhiping and the General Manager Cao Jianglin at the Group's work conference, fully understand the difficulties in the operation, and work well in 2017: First, set clear working objectives and consolidate the development confidence. Second, give full play to the platform function, achieve strategic transformation.Third, strengthen the risk control and achieve lean management. Fourth, strengthen the team building and boldly assume responsibility.

Finally, he hoped that all the cadres and staffs should strengthen their confidence and inspire the spirit, seize the new development opportunities, work hard and forge ahead, and achieve greater success in building the Company with a competitive edge to grow bigger and stronger.


Cao Jianglin, General Manager of CNBM, delivered an important speech

General Manager of the Group Cao Jianglin fully affirmed the achievements of CBMIE in 2016, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to the hard work of all cadres and employees on behalf of the Group.

He confirmed the Company's results in 2016 from the five aspects: First, a substantial increase in operating results; Second, significant improvement in the management concept and operating level. Third, basically complete the construction of the platform, and lay solid foundation for the development of the intelligence network and international product. Fourth, the new platform and new business expanded rapidly. Fifth, the traditional business is undergoing profound adjustment.

General Manager Cao Jianglin pointed out that these achievements were benefiting from the following factors: First, strategic adjustment is implemented; Second, strong support from the Group; Third, CBMIE strictly implements the work arrangements of the Group, especially change the business concept and strengthen the management and risk control.

General Manager Cao Jianglin put forward a number of suggestions on the works in 2017: accurately determine the situation, firm confidence, and set clear goal, conscientiously work harder in the following four aspects:

First, pay close attention to the market and improve the sale quality. All the cadres and workers should prioritize market work in all business activities, give priority to the market when making the policy; improve sale quality, and ensure gross margin and the recovery of accounts receivable.

Second, pay close attention to management, cost reduction, risk prevention. The headquarters should dare to manage and have the capacity to manage; achieve the goal of reducing the cost and controlling the risk; continue to strengthen the streamlining and improve the work concerned with "Increase, Save and Decrease"

Third, pay close attention to structural adjustment and realize transformation and upgrading. With respect to the construction of platform, the number of departments shall be minimized and its employees shall be competent; its business can be changed quickly, and platform goals and development strategies shall be implemented; focusing on improving the efficiency and accelerating the development, and continue to resolutely adjust the traditional business.

Fourth, practice culture of the Company. The cadres and employees shall earnestly study and understand the spirit of the work conference of the Group, carry forward the implementation of the core values of "Innovation, Performance, Harmony and Responsibility" and the code of conduct of "Awe, Grateful, Humble and Decent", and implement four basic principles for management in the Group.

The meeting also commended advanced units and excellent staffs in 2016.



In the afternoon, CNBMSupply ChainCorporation, CNBM Intelligence IndustryCorporation, CNBM General MachineryCorporation, CNBM International Trade Corporation and CNBM InformationCorporation had exchanged the experiences at the meeting.



The conference was chaired by Zhao Yanmin, Executive Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of CBMIE, and more than 170 people attended the meeting, including leaders, middle-level managers, staff representatives, leading members of the subsidiaries and business backbone of CBMIE. 

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