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Group Leaders Attended the Founding Conference of CNBM International Production Cooperation Enterprise Alliance and Delivered Keynote Speeches


On October 17, The Second China's Building Materials Enterprises "Going Global" Conference and Founding Conference Of CNBM International Production Cooperation Enterprise Alliance, organized by China Building Material Federation, was held in Beijing. Qiao Longde, President of China Building Material Federation, Wu Hongliang, Deputy Director of Department of Foreign Capital of National Development and Reform Commission, leaders from government departments, Chinese embassies and consulates officials, representatives of domestic and foreign trade organizations, outstanding business representatives, representatives of financial institutions attended the meeting.

China National Building Materials Group, executive chairman of the alliance, was invited to attend the meeting. Huang Anzhong, Deputy General Manager of China National Building Materials Group, commissioned by Chairman Song Zhiping, attended the meeting, and delivered the keynote speech entitled "Develop International Production Cooperation in an Innovative Way".


In his speech, Huang Anzhong introduced CNBM's international operation, achievements in the process of implementing "Going Global" strategy and international capacity cooperation planning in the process of implementing "The belt and Road" strategy, and shared Group's overseas investment experience in the process of implementing "Going Global" strategy. He said that we should deeply understand the importance, urgency, necessity and complexity of carrying out international operation, give full consideration to the local political, policy and economic environment, make reasonable market judgment, carefully guard against all kinds of risks, and actively promote international production Cooperation. Huang Anzhong stressed that we should play respective advantages, strengthen cooperation and sharing, deepen cooperation with agencies outside the enterprise and cooperate with brother business in the industry. Finally, he says that China National Building Materials Group will work together with the alliance members to make due contributions to China's economic development.

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