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Song Zhiping Was Hired As Specially-Appointed Professor of Beijing Peter F. Drucker Academy



On October 17, Song Zhiping, Chairman of China National Building Materials Group, was hired as Specially-Appointed Professor of Beijing Peter F. Drucker Academy due to its deep management ideas, excellent leadership and unique management skills.

The Specially-Appointed Professor of this Academy should be an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in Drucker's management thinking field. In the process of more than 30 years of business management, Song Zhiping emphasizes the use of knowledge, unifies knowledge and practice, skillfully uses management theories from Peter Drucker and other Western scholars, combines with the East's rich human wisdom, and refines the thinking and ideas that integrate east and west. As a specially-appointed professor, Song Zhiping hopes that the integration of "east and west" management theories can achieve the integration of Chinese and Western excellent management ideas, combine Western excellent management theories with local business practice, thus forming innovative management theory system with Chinese characteristics and better guiding the practice of enterprises.

Peter F. Drucker Academy adheres to the principle of teaching and practicing Drucker thought, aiming to provide management knowledge and management tools for the Chinese managers and entrepreneurs. The Academy combines Drucker's ideas with Chinese practice, emphasizes practice and use and aims to help Chinese enterprises develop effective managers.

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