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China Jushi Co., LTD's Investment In US Project and Intelligent Manufacturing Base Project Signed Contract


Implement Global Strategic Layout and Lead the Upgrade Of Glass Industry


On May 28, the signing ceremony for China Jushi Co., LTD's fiberglass industry intelligent manufacturing base project and 80,000 tons of glass fiber production line project invested by China Jushi Co., LTD in US at the cost of $ 300 million was held in Tongxiang, Zhejiang.

Song Zhiping, Chairman of China National Building Materials Group, Cao Jianglin, General Manager, Zhao Linghao, Executive Vice President of Legend Holdings Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Hony Investment, Han Jie, Deputy Director of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Lou Jianming, Member of Standing Committee of CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Executive Vice Mayor, Lu Yuedong, Secretary of Party Committee of Tongxiang Municipal and Nelson Lindsay, Director of Bureau of International Business of Department of Commerce, South Carolina and other guests attended the ceremony. Zhang Yuqiang, President, Chairman and CEO of China Jushi Co., LTD presided over the ceremony. Song Zhiping expressed warm congratulations, and made earnest expectations on behalf of the China National Building Materials Group. Cao Jianglin proposed specific requirements of the project on behalf of China National Building Material Company Limited. Yang Guoming, Vice President of China Jushi Co., LTD and Chairman of Jushi Group, Tu Jiangzhong, Chief Recorder of Party Office of Tongxiang Economic Development Zone and Director of Management Committee, signed investment agreement on fiberglass industry intelligent manufacturing base project of China Jushi Co., LTD; Cao Guorong, Vice President of China Jushi Co., LTD ,and Nelson Lindsay, Director of Bureau of International Business of Department of Commerce, South Carolina, and Jeff Rouball, Director of  Economic Development Office of the Richland County signed an investment agreement.


According to Zhang Yuqiang, Jushi's project is located in South Carolina, United States. Adhere to the principle of "Shifting Factory, Shifting R & D, Leading the talent, Close to Customers, Close to Market and Supply Product from Foreign Market", all produced products will be supplied to the United States. The project is scheduled to commence construction by the end of this year and is expected to be completed by 2018. The establishment of factories in the United States, on the one hand, illustrates China Jushi Co., LTD's firm confidence of implementing the strategy of "Layout Internationalization, Market Globalization", on the other hand, also proves that China Jushi Co., LTD, as the industry leader, already has the strength, ability and competitiveness to build the world First-class glass fiber production line in any country in the world.

The China Jushi's fiberglass industry intelligent manufacturing base is located in Tongxiang Economic Development Zone. China Jushi adheres to the principle of high positioning, strict requirements, advance technology and strong strength, starts from producing and processing raw and auxiliary material, follows the strategic deployment of "high-end products, industrial integration", adopts most advanced technology and equipment, closely meets the national requirements on supply-side reform, aiming to produce raw materials, accessories and composite materials products for glass fiber upstream and downstream industries, continuously promote and develop the glass fiber and enhance the composite materials industry.


Intelligent manufacturing base will make full use of China Jushi and international advanced technology and equipment, apply Internet thinking and means to build the integration of industrial chain, transform the business operation model into the process manufacturing service model, establish full life cycle of the digital model for procurement, production, sales and operation, provide co-production for the main sectors, improve production efficiency, save cost and shorten the delivery time. Product production shall meet the requirements on order delivery and quality, optimize configuration for human machine material ring resources, apply Internet of things technology, thus achieving the control, optimization, visualization and traceability of product manufacturing process. We will build large-scale data production cloud platform, establish industrial ecology, rapidly respond to orders, optimize scheduling, realize intelligent manufacturing and online optimization, thus comprehensively enhancing product quality and level of service. In that way, China Jushi will always maintain and occupy the commanding heights in the global fiberglass industry, lead the industry towards high quality, efficient and healthy!

As a global leader in fiberglass industry, China Jushi has maintained a rapid growth trend in recent years. Last year, China Jushi achieved net profit of 983 million yuan, an increase of 107.15%, and achieved net profit of360 million yuan in the first quarter, an increase of 93.85%. The signing of these two projects drives  China Jushi locally and globally, and depicts a broad blueprint during the 13th Five-Year Plan.


Song Zhiping said in his speech, China Jushi targeted at the international market at the very beginning of the establishment, opened up the US market 20 years ago when going global, established a global marketing network 10 years ago, and then started business for the third time during the 12th Five-Year Plan, took the development path of transnational corporations and built overseas factories, and become a model of " Made in China". The signing of China Jushi's US project is a milestone in its global strategy, and is also a key step for China Jushi to continue to move ahead on the basis of the first-class fiberglass industry, which has important reference significance in the international development of China National Building Materials Group and Chinese building materials industry. In the era of information technology today, the integration of information technology and manufacturing technology will undoubtedly become the trend of economic development. China Jushi once again is a pioneer in the development trend of the times, determines to further enhance the glass Production technology via building intelligent manufacturing base, changes the production mode of glass fiber, continues to lead the technological innovation and industrial upgrading in the glass industry and become wave rider in the industry and time.

Cao Jianglin made two points in his speech. First, he hopes that China Jushi's intelligent manufacturing project complies with strategic requirements of "High-End Products, Industry Integration", further improves the quality, reduces costs and improves efficiency, constantly optimizes the level of resource allocation, becomes the landmark project that leads to the change of global fibre glass industry technology and production method, and provides a new reference for the integration of traditional industries and information technology of China National Building Materials Group, and makes a new attempt to transform the products made in China into the products that intelligently made. Second, he hopes that China Jushi can continue to firmly implement the strategy of "Layout Internationalization, Market Globalization", and build the US Project into an another landmark project for overseas development of China's enterprises based on the excellent results achieved in Egypt Project.


The following people also attended the ceremony: Meng Xianjiang, Editor-in-chief of China Building Materials News, Qin Chunyu, President of China Building Materials Magazine, Guang Zhaoyu, Secretary of The Board of Directors of China Building Materials Group and Assistant of General Manager, Cai Guobin, Vice Chairman of China Jushi, Zhang Jiankan, Second largest shareholder of China Jushi and Vice President of Zhenshi Holding Group, Wang Hongwen, Executive Vice President of Zhejiang Association of Listed Companies, Wang Yuanyuan, President of Zhejiang Branch of China Export-Import Bank, Cong Jun, President of Hangzhou Branch of China Minsheng Bank, Chen Huifang, Vice President of Zhejiang Branch of China Construction Bank, Pan Minfang, Vice Mayor of Municipal People's Government of Tongxiang, Wang Xin, Assistant of General Manager of Zhejiang Branch of China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation, Jeff Rouball, Director of  Economic Development Office of the Richland County, South Carolina, Wang Lu, Senior Project Manager of Commerce Department, South Carolina, Leaders of relevant departments from Zhejiang Province, Jiaxing City, Tongxiang City, representatives of relevant financial institutions, shareholders representatives of China Jushi and guests from news media.

The laying ceremony for China Jushi's fiberglass industry intelligent manufacturing base is simple and warm. At that time, the rainy weather in Tongxiang had gone and become sunny for ten minutes. Chairman Song Zhiping was full of emotion and written a poetry after witnessing the development and growth of China Jushi: China Jushi Creates Brilliant future in development, A New Chapter is Opened in intelligent base, We Gather Here to Hold the Ceremony, the Rain stops and the Sun appears, Still feel young even though 60 years old, Go Global and Move to Pacific Market, A well Known Figure in Tongxiang and Wuzhen, Zhang Yuqiang is undoubtedly a hero.

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