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Third Phase of Young and Middle-aged Cadres Training Class of China National Building Material Group Opens


On 28 February, in order to constantly improve comprehensive ability of young and middle-aged cadres, and earnestly enhance the construction of the reserve force of management members, the third phase of young and middle-aged cadres training class of China National Building Material Group for a period of two months opened as scheduled.

46 students from enterprises under the Group at each level attended the 2016's spring opening ceremony of Chinese Academy of Governance held on 2 March. Secretary of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, State Councilor and secretary general of the State Council, president of Chinese Academy of Governance Yang Jing attended the opening ceremony, and made an important speech about further implementing the spirit of important speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping and winning the tough battle of abolishing poverty across the board. Yang Jing said, he welcomes all students come to Chinese Academy of Governance for further study, and wishes that everyone can observe various kinds of disciplines, rules and regulations of the Academy, study hard, think with concentration, constantly update knowledge, integrate theory with practice, put learning to use, promote learning by practice, and combine learning and practice.

After the opening of the training class, the preliminary meeting for all students and the class committee was held. Employee director, chairman of the Labor Union, general manager of the HR department of China National Building Material Group Wang Yumeng, on behalf of the Group, expressed his gratitude for Chinese Academy of Governance's support in last three years. Meanwhile, he brought up requirements to all students that they should transfer roles, earnestly study, comply with rules, enhance communication, and support each other, and the class committee should fulfill its responsibilities of "4+1". Then he visited the dormitory. Students said, they will cherish this opportunity, study, enhance self-development, make innovation, make practice, and realize the overall improvement in knowledge, ability, quality and accomplishment, as required by the Group.

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